The Sound System For The Cathedral Church of the Holy Great-Martyr George in Novi Sad

The Cathedral Church of the Holy Great-Martyr George is the most important Orthodox temple in Novi Sad and it represents the main Episcopal Church in Backa. It is located near the Bishops Palace (Vladičanski dvor).

  • Client: The Cathedral Church of the Holy Great-Martyr George, Novi Sad
  • Date of project: 2018

About the Cathedral Church in Novi Sad


The Cathedral Church was first mentioned in 1720 when the small temple was soon replaced (1734) with a new one. Over time, the church became pervaded because of which the decision was made to completely reconstruct it at the end of the 19th century. The Church gained its present appearance  after great reconstruction in the early 20th century during the time of bishop Mitrofan Šević.

The painter Paja Jovanovic worked on most of the icons in the church. He made all the icons on the iconostasis (a total of 33), as well as historical paintings above both singing stand points. Jovanovic also painted two large icons on the trunks and a wall decor.

In the port of the Cathedral Church, there is the oldest preserved monument of Novi Sad - the epiphany made of pink marble.



About the installed sound system


Whenever an acoustically space needs to be sounded, which is a case with the Cathedral Church, it is necessary to find an audio solution that will provide the absolute understanding of the speakers, while preserving the naturalness of his voice, while at the same time not disturbing the peace of the faithfuls during prayers, nor their participation in the worship services.


For this reason, the installed audio system consists of RCF VSA 2050, digitally steerable sound column speaker, Xilica digital DSP audio processors from the Neutrino series and the Sennheiser wireless microphone system.

The RCF VSA 2050 is an ideal choice when it comes to installing audio systems within acoustically demanding environments and environments where it is a demand for the speakers to not be visually dominant. Thanks to powerful DSPs, the audio signal sent to each individual speaker is processed and its vertical dispersion controlled. The VSA 2050 allows each audio signal to be accurately directed to the listeners while preventing the acoustic energy from being directed to the ceiling or bare floors, which prevents negative reflection that would affect the comprehensibility of speech in environments with a great time of reverberation.

A complete system is set up without any drilling because the Cathedral Church is protected as a monument of historical and cultural significance.


As television broadcasts often occur in the Cathedral, TV teams are enabled to access all channels galvanicly separately, enabling them to make special mixes for TV transmission. Also, a special mix for radio transmission has been made which often broadcasts its content through Internet streaming.






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