Video presentation equipment for the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade

The Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Belgrade is the leading educational, scientific and professional institution in the field of dental medicine in the country. The quality of teaching is certainly based on the quality of lecturers and supporting staff, but also on the modern infrastructure and teaching materials.

  • Client: Faculty of Dentistry
  • Date of project: 2018

The Delivered Video Presentation Equipment


The task of our team was to deliver a video presentation system of the latest technology that would be suitable for all-day use in the reconstructed amphitheatres.

By means of photometric and distance calculation the laser technology projector SONY VPL-FHZ65 model was selected. The illumination power of 6000 lumens is enough for a quality projected image with dimensions of 400x250cm even at higher levels of illumination in the amphitheater. In order to display the image in an appropriate way, the wall screen for the front projection MW SCREENS WFPRO 400X250 was also delivered. The screen is supplied with an aluminum frame, which allows ideal tinting of the screen, very important for the proper display of the projected image.


The supplied projector with a laser light source can easily display an image of the same light intensity throughout the entire day, which is not the case with lamp projectors which after 3-4 hours of constant work start to decrease the brightness. For students, it is also important that the projected image is visible from any angle of view, and that the canvas does not have different illumination on different parts of its surface or in corners, which is often the case with a lamp projector. The mentioned problem of uniformity of illumination is solved by a laser projector. Also the request of the contracting authority for the quiet operation of the projector due to the nature of the lecture work has been fulfilled.


The supplied projectors have imposed themselves as the right choice for the faculty as the maintenance costs are practically non-existent thanks to a laser light source with a lifetime of as much as 20,000 hours, while electricity consumption is reduced to up to 40%.


The audio and video signals from the lecturer’s desk to the projector are distributed via network cable and ATEN VE2812T.