Sound System For Gastro Bar 57 From Prokuplje

While food and drinks are bringing people to a bar or a restaurant, the overall experience of staying in it is what brings them back. When the owner of the facility knows this and wants to apply the knowledge, then our vast experience in the installation of sound systems in catering facilities hits the stage.

  • Client: Gastro Bar 57
  • Date of project: 2018

Our comprehensive sound solutions for restaurants, gastronomic bars or cafes make these spaces different from others for a carefully selected and installed sound reproduction system that creates an experience by which an object becomes recognizable. Regardless of whether it is a fast food restaurant, an informal-style food room or an elegant restaurant with an unusual menu, a carefully selected sound system will undoubtedly contribute to the creation of experiences that will become part of the brand.


Installed sound system for Gastro Bar 57


The Gastro Bar 57 has an audio system consisting of RCF Monitor 55 loudspeakers which are the ideal choice when it comes to high quality sound for cafes, clubs and restaurants. Clients are often surprised when they hear "what comes out of these boxes". The result is a very clear and transparent sound characteristic of a much more expensive, full-range speakers.

Subwoofers of the same manufacturer, S 5012 and S 5022, have been installed.

To control the sound RCF DPS 604X, a 4-channel D-class amplifier, has been installed which is intended for professional use with installed sound systems. It is characterized by fast response and low distortion, and high reliability and safety at work.


We are sure that the installed sound will contribute in an improper manner to the establishment of a reputed brand of an open-air restaurant, right after a pleasant ambience and good food.