Video And Sound Systems For the Conference Hall in Henkel Serbia

During March and April 2018 AVL Projekt delivered and installed video and sound systems for Henkel Serbia from Krusevac. The delivery and installation involved the equipping of a conference room within the factory.

  • Client: Henkel Serbia
  • Date of project: 2018

Henkel operates worldwide and is a leader in three sectors: Adhesive Technologies (brands Ceresit, Moment, Loctite, Tehnomelt), Beauty Care (brands Schwarzkopf, Fa, Syoss) and Detergents and Home Care (brands Persil, Merix, Bref). It has been present on the Serbian market since 2002, when Merima from Kruševac became part of it.

Today, Henkel Serbia operates in three locations: beside the Kruševac powder and liquid detergent factory, there is an adhesive factory in Indjija and an administrative center in Belgrade.


As part of its expansion, Henkel opened a new facility in Krusevac and our company was selected to equip new conference romm with audio and video equipment.


About the installation of the video presentation system


The video presentation system consists of a 2x2 video wall composed of a 55" professional monitors with a 3.5mm bezel plus a professional 55" Sony monitor in a 4K resolution, model 55XE850. The basic characteristic of the screens intended for professional use is their ability to operate non-stop (24/7) without any visible degradation in image quality, even after several years of use. The next important feature is a powerful illumination that allows them to "win over" the ambient lighting thanks to which the image and color are clearly visible. In addition, the glass surface is designed to reduce the reflection of the ambient light which further enhances the quality of the visual experience of the users. They also have a USB Media Player that enables quick and easy displaying of video content in 4K resolution.


ATEN’s A/V control system was also delivered, including VK2100K2, VK6000 configurator with intuitive graphic interface, control app and 8-key controller. The management system runs through a network that connects all hardware devices in a conference room allowing direct centralized control of the system via a mobile device, tablet, or wall controller. The VK2100K2 control device is easily installed in an existing installation and easily integrates with professional A/V products and other hardware devices in the conference room. Via wall control it is possible to "call for" different predefined scenarios that are programmed for the meeting: e.g. simultaneous display of the presentation from the speaker’s booth and video conferencing camera, or simultaneous display of content from a presentation computer and a collaboration device. Opportunities are great, all according to the needs and wishes of the client.


For video distribution and video signal routing on the video wall, Aten HDMI video matrix 4x4 with built-in high-performance scanners has been delivered, which easily converts different input resolutions into different screen resolutions, providing viewers with the best picture quality on all monitors, as well as real-time signal control and its stable transmission.


About the sound system


The sound system for the conference room consists of a 100V installation with built-in ceiling speakers RCF PL 60. An audio amplifier, being a zone controller at the same time, is an audio source with the ability to play music from a USB or SD card. RCF MC 4064 is a speakerphone microphone. It's a thin, gooseneck cardioid microphone with a red light that lights up when the microphone is on. It offers impressive acoustic features and mechanical design that is ideal for assembling on tables and booths. For questions from the participants in the meeting, wireless microphone systems with a hand transmitter are additionally provided.

All levels of audio signals are adjusted via the appropriate audio mix.


That the selected system was adequate for the needs of the client, and that the installation was successful, was confirmed during the first meeting held in the new conference room. The meeting was held on the occasion of the opening of a new facility in Krusevac, attended by the Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and The German Ambassador to Serbia Axel Dittmann.