Video Wall for the Control Room of the Hydroelectric Power Plant Zvornik

In May 2018, AVL Projekt delivered and installed the video wall 3x3 in the control room of Hydroelectric Power Plant Zvornik. This installation is the latest in a series of video presentation system installations that are increasingly present and even unavoidable in modern business communications.

  • Client: The Hydroelectric Power Plant Zvornik
  • Date of project: 2018

The hydroelectric power plant Zvornik is located on the river Drina. The aggregates of this hydroelectric power plant feature a total power of 96MW.


Customer needs


The complete management of the hydroelectric power plant is automated and is carried out from the distribution center. The center includes the control room which represents a central place for control of technological parameters and processes, equipment management and establishment of the desired state of the power plant.

For these reasons, the AVL Projekt has been hired to deliver cutting-edge video presentation equipment for showing all the parameters of operation of the power plant in 24/7 mode.


Installed video presentation system


The video presentation system consists of a 3x3 video wall, composed of several professional 55“ displays with a 3.5mm bezel. The delivered professional monitors have a built-in video wall function that eliminates the need for additional video matrices. In addition to working in 24/7 mode, it is characterized by strong lighting, as well as a glass surface that reduces the reflection of the light thanks to which the image and colors are clearly visible.

The video wall is mounted on a supporting, stand alone mount which offers the ability to adjust the position of the monitor at each point in order to obtain ideally flat video wall.


The transmission of the signal from the plant to the control room is done via HDMI Extender Aten VE801 which, without any disturbances, transmits video signals from up to 100m distance via a single network cable.


Thanks to the expertise of our team, no problems occured during installing and putting into operation the video wall.