Portable sound system for the SIRMIUMART Culture Center

SIRMIUMART is a cultural institution of great importance in Sremska Mitrovica. The employees are engaged in organizing and developing musical, stage and poetic activities of children and youth through the work of several cultural organizational units, as well as through the realization of programs of cultural and artistic creativity and entertainment.

  • Client: SIRMIUMART Culture Center
  • Date of project: 2018

As one of its main goals is to provide quality music in the town, the equally high quality sound system is an inevitable part of the total technical equipment.


Delivered sound system


In order to enable the realization of various musical events within Sirmiumart, AVL Projekt delivered a portable sound system. It consists of active 2-way DSP loudspeakers of the latest generation, RCF HD 12-A MK4, with power of 1400W and max SPL of 130dB. The new HD 12-A MK4 speakers feature significantly improved performances thanks to a host of completely new converters, as well as to the improved sound quality with revolutionary FiRPHASE processing.

There is also an audio mixer RCF L-PAD 10C, a 10-channel mixer with a compressor that is an ideal tool for presentation, ambient music, entertainment and all other activities that involve several stereo inputs and their mixing.

RCF MS 1033 CD/SB-MP3 Player, which also has a FM Tuner, is in charge for the reproduction of music. A wireless microphone system with manual dynamic transmitter was delivered.


Suitable floor mounts for loudspeakers and microphones were also delivered, while the entire system is connected through high-quality microphone cables Sommer Cable Stage 22 and Hicon connectors HI-X3CM-B and HI-X3CF-B.