Portable Sound System, Lighting and Video System for the Niš Cultural Center

The Niš Cultural Center is a cultural institution that organizes more than two hundred conceptually different programs annually. The program focuses on various topics from the literary, musical, film, visual, theatrical, educational, scientific and social life of the town, region, country and the world.

  • Client: Niš Cultural Center
  • Date of project: 2018

It has developed and diversified publishing activity and also realizes numerous programs in the field of cultural amateurism. It is also the institution that organizes and realizes almost every significant town event every year, as well as a number of other complex programs in the field of culture and art. Some of the most important among them are: Film Encounters, NIMUS, International Choral Festivities, Traditional Nis Book Fair, Literary Colony Sićevo, Literary Awards "Branko Miljković" and "Stevan Sremac", Nisomnia and many others.


About the project


Through winning the tender AVL Projekt won the opportunity to deliver lighting, audio and video equipment of the latest generation intended for the realization of various events in the organization of the Niš Cultural Center.




AVL Projekt delivered Chauvet profile, fresnel and wash LED spotlights from the EVE series. Namely, with the development of technology, there is an increasing emphasis on energy efficiency, and renowned equipment manufacturers, including Chauvet, are producing lighting fixtures with LED light source. All the light fixtures from the EVE series, which are otherwise very affordable for our market, have German Osram diodes and European optics.

The supplied EVE models are the profile light E-50Z and the fresnel F-50Z. In addition to them, SLIMBANK T18 USB Wash/cyclorama were also delivered and followed by IRC-6, a Chauvet remote controller.

As a solution for portable mount of lighting fixtures, Chauvet CH-06 stands were salso delivered. It's a tripod stand with a crossbar for a maximum lift height of 2.7m.




As part of the portable sound system, the loudspeakers of the latest generation were delivered. We are talking about RCF ART 732-A MK4, with FIR Phase technology, which delivers transparent sound of absolute clarity and perfect stereo image transported to each listener; active subwoofers RCF SUB 905-AS II and active two-way RCF monitors ST12-SMA, which is a practical solution for achieving high level of speech comprehension, as well as for audio applications such as covering infill or for a delay, for production in studio, presentation or for high power sound systems, with or without subwoofers.


There is also ASHLY DIGIMIX24, a compact and user-friendly 24-channel digital audio console, intended for use in educational and cultural institutions, as well as for studio recording. This console combines the sense of working on an analog mixer with the functionality and flexibility of the digital one. Using the 7" LCD touch screen, the navigation through the menu has never been easier. The mixer can be managed wirelessly via iOS applications.


Audix wireless microphone systems with handheld transmitter AP41 OM2 and cardioid beam AP41 L5 were also supplied with uncompromised quality when talking about wireless communication in environments with different types of disturbances in the area. Audix wireless systems are characterized by providing the ability to simultaneously operate 16 systems with the "diversity" reception. Synchronization of the receiver and transmitter takes place via wireless connection by touching a single button.





The delivered video projector Christie LWU720i-D is intended for use in the hall, but will also be used for other purposes in a cultural center such as conferences, promotions, and the like. For this reason, the 1.7-2.9: 1 zoom lens has been selected to suit different projector applications.

The supplied projector has the power of 8100 ISO lumens, which allows for visible projection at higher ambient light levels, thus fulfilling the customer's requirement for achieving the multifunctionality of the hall.

Since the projector has a HDBaseT input, it is possible to play content from a remote location up to 100m via the delivered HDBaseT transmitter Aten VE2812T. The projector can work in portrait orientation with 360 degrees, as well as to project an image on a curved surface.

Reproduction of the  content from the projector can be wireless thanks to the app for Android and/or iOS devices and the USB adapter.


The complete sound and lighting system is connected with quality Sommer Cable microphone and DMX cables and Hicon connectors.