d&b Sound System For The Rental Company Zoom Media

Zoom Media is a company from Novi Sad specialized in renting audio and video equipment. It is known as one of the most reliable partners in the business because of the high level of professionalism which is reflected in great expertise, great experience and state-of-the-art equipment and technologies.

  • Client: Zoom Media
  • Date of project: 2018

When the backbone of the business is renting of audio and video equipment, then for the owners of rental companies this means continuous investment in equipment and new technologies. In addition, the clients are little or not at all interested in the name of the equipment manufacturer or which technical characteristics a speaker or a cinema projector has. What they are truly interested in is the ability of a rental company to satisfy their needs in the best possible way or fulfill their desires.


The Sound System


For these reasons, the owners of Zoom Media have decided to invest in the acquisition of top-notch sound system of the German manufacturer d&baudiotechnik. Here, we speak about passive V-series loudspeaker V7P NL4. It is a three-way Point Source loudspeaker that contains the following drivers: 2x10" LF, 1x8" MF and 1x1.4 "HF. The delivered power is 2000W/peak with an angle of 75 ° x 40 °.

The innovative design of the centrally-installed 8" MF driver results in extraordinary sensitivity, which further results in outstanding vocal performances.


As the „drive horse“' of the system, the appropriate 4-channel amplifier D80 AMP NL4 with DSP processing and 4x4000W@4Ohms, was selected. Configuring the amplifier is done via d&b software for controlling the system R1.


The V-Series subwoofer V-GSUB - NL4 was also delivered. It is a cardioid subwoofer of high performance powered by a single amplifier channel. It houses two neodymium drivers, 18'' and 12'' with a bass-reflex design in order to prevent radiation behind the box.


AVL Projekt also delivered hardware for hanging the speakers, power supply racks and cables.


After the installation, our audio engineer trained the client to work with d&b software Array Calc for simulating space propagation in order to achieve the best performance of the delivered sound system in the upcoming events where Zoom Media will be engaged.