Cinema Projector For Cultural Center Cacak

Cultural Center Čačak, otherwise the center of cultural events in this city, is firmly rooted in its overall social and economic life. To a large extent it is the initiator and creator of cultural habits of citizens of Cacak. It is located in the city center, in architecturally striking building, the work of architect Luj Sverer in 1970.

  • Client: Cultural Center Cacak
  • Date of project: 2018

As a kind of mediator in the field of culture, the center started working on 3rd December 1971, and to this day it has presented to the local audience numerous theater and film performances, concerts, exhibitions, literary evenings. In addition to creating and presenting cultural and artistic programs, the Cultural Center also deals with the organization of seminars, trade fairs, commercial presentations and other events.


Cinema Projector For The Big Hall


This important cultural institution has recently received funds from the Serbian Film Center for the purchase of a modern cinema projector. The projector is designed to digitize the big hall in order to achieve better quality cinema projections. Namely, 35mm films for analogue projectors are no longer available on the market, and no projections of this type are possible. In addition, the new and far more advanced digital technology requires lower maintenance costs, while the playing of movies is much simpler. The film is loaded into the projector through the appropriate interface after which it can simply start.


For all these reasons, the competent persons from the Cultural Center Cacak announced a tender for the purchase of a cinema projector. AVL Project participated and won, and thus got the opportunity to deliver a professional cinema projector Christie CP2220.


With this projector it is possible to display 2D films in 2K resolution with the possibility of a subsequent upgrade to 4K resolution by purchasing an additional module. The supplied motorized zoom lens is designed to project an image from a technical droom from a distance of 23m in a cinemascope format onto a projection screen of 1420cm width nad of 594cm height. Two additional projector lamps were supplied with the projector.


The projector stand has the ability to adjust the height, so it has safety stops for projector support and power distribution for connecting an additional UPS.


Optional accessories for this projector can be a polarizer, passive glasses and a suitable projection screen thanks to which it is possible to perform 3D projections if necessary.


After the installation was completed, the expert team of the AVL Projekt conducted training of 2 persons from the technical service of the Cultural Center. The successful completion of the installation of the projector has also achieved the goal of this cultural institution to increase the revenues by selling tickets, thus providing funds for reconstruction of the building, repair of the roof and purchase of new seats.