Video wall For The Company New Startegy in Belgrade

New Startegy is a company that provides consulting services related to business operations. In order to present to their partners and clients possible business solutions in a better way, New Startegy contacted our company with the requirement to deliver and install a modern video presentation system in 4K resolution.

  • Client: New Startegy
  • Date of project: 2018

Video presentation system


The central place within the installed video presentation system takes a 3x3 video wall mounted on a wall mount. The video wall is comprised of 55" Christie Professional FHD553-XE Extreme Series monitors with a 1.7mm bezel. These monitors are designed to operate in 24/7 mode with 500 Nit. They can be mounted in a portrait or landscape position. The glass surface of the monitor is specially designed to reduce the reflection of ambient light.


Video distribution and processing of video signals is done through the HDMI Matrix Aten VM6809H with a resolution of 4K. It is a high-performance scaler with a video wall function. The distribution of video signals, from the built-in presentable 4K automatic switcher in the table with the DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA connectors to the video matrix input, is done via the HDMI Extender Aten VE811 which freely transfers 4K video content to a distance of up to 100m via a single network cable. In order for the client to have all possible connection types, the active Aten Converters mini DisplayPort to the HDMI VC981 model that supports 4K resolution is additionally supplied.


The delivered wireless collaboration system is currently unique on the market, because it supports streaming of 4K content without any interruption in signal transmission, while allowing simultaneous display of 4 participants in the presentation on the 3x3 video wall with the possibility of connecting up to 64 participants to the presentation system via USB/HDMI keys.


All audio signals are extracted from the HDMI signal via quality de-embeders that are connected to Xilica U1608-AEC. It is a digital DSP audio matrix and a processor with 8 inputs and 16 outputs with AEC technology that prevents the appearance of echo during video conferencing. RCF amplifiers and two-way MQ 50C-W speakers were also delivered.


The complete system is controlled via the Aten's A/V control system that includes VK2100K2, configurator with intuitive graphical interface, control software and 12-key VK112EU wall mounted controller.


The A/V control software installed on the tablet allows you to select the appropriate video input of the system and display it on the 3x3 video wall. Also, through wall control it is possible to "call out" a different predefined scenario, such as a simultaneous presentation from a laptop, a video conferencing camera or a wireless collaborative system, according to the client's desire.


For presentations in other halls, 2 Sony Professional 75" FW-75XE8501 monitors have been delivered. One of them is mounted on a mobile stand and features a touch frame which ensures the interactivity of the content during the video conference and the other is mounted on the wall.


Take a look at the short video presentation of the installed system: