Cinema Projector For Cultural Center of Pančevo

Another tender, another successful bidding and the opportunity to deliver Christie CP2200 digital cinema projector to the Cultural Center of Pancevo, which delivers 22,000 lumens with a 3kW lamp, in a cost-effective manner with flexible installation and servicing.

  • Client: Cultural Center of Pančevo
  • Date of project: 2018

Since its foundation in 1956, The Cultural Center of Pančevo has been continuously developing its activities to this day. In recent years, this cultural institution has recorded excellent results in its work, realizing more than 1000 different cultural programs annually. The quality of their work is expressed by the highest ratings of domestic critics, theorists and theater jury.



Supplied cinema projector


The Cultural Center of Pančevo has been supplied with 3D cinema digital projector Christie CP2220  with touch panel controller. This projector supports DCI (cinema) standard, has 22,000 lumens, is equipped with DLP technology and has a resolution of 2K. It also has the option of upgrading to 4K resolution with an additional module.


The projector also has an integrated media block and the ability to connect DVI, BNC, GPIO, Ethernet port, as well as NAS (hard disk) capacity of 4TB.


Motorized zoom lens provides the ability to project a film from a technical room in a cinemascope format within an existing dimensions of a cinema screen width of 800cm and a height of 500cm, from a distance of 27m.


The power of the projector has been chosen in order to meet the needs of 2D and 3D projections, with the possibility to project onto larger cinema screens  since the client intends to purchase one in the future.


The projector stand allows you to adjust the height with the help of the safety stops and incorporates  power distribution to connect the additional UPS.


Two additional projector lamps have been delivered with the projector.


After the installation had been completed, the AVL Project expert team carried out training for 2 technicians from the Cultural Center of Pančevo in order to fully enable them to operate the projector smoothly.