The Rail System And Curtains For Microsoft’s New Offices in Belgrade

At the beginning of summer 2018 AVL Projekt delivered Showtex curved curtain track and strips curtains for the new business premises of Microsoft in New Belgrade.

  • Client: Microsoft, Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2018

Showtex Spaghetti Event strip curtains are lightweight and elegant curtains weighing 300g/m2 and 330cm high. Thanks to them, the whole space is simply divided into smaller working zones bringing in unobtrusive privacy during several different, but simultaneous meetings. In addition to dividing the space into several smaller units, these curtains can also serve as a projection surface, décor in theatrical scenes or draperies in the exhibition space. Combined with lighting and the ability to change position in space, they offer the possibility of creating a "depth" of space. They can also be painted in any color, as desired.


Curtain shifting is done manually and with the help of curtain trolley for hanging curtains, which are part of the entire system, so the user does not experience any troubles with curtain hanging and moving, which is often encountered in practice with poor quality solutions.

The supplied curtain model has a fire proof certificate according to FR: BS 5867 part 2B - DIN 4102 / B1 - NF P 92-503 / M.


The curtains are hung on a total of 3 curved rail systems Showtex Show Pipe with mounting accessories for the ceiling. The curved tracks are 9, 10 and 11 meters long, characterized by an angle that is determined by the degree of curvature of plaster ceilings.


Upon completion of the installation, the client expressed satisfaction with the modern and creative solution, as well as its simplicity and functionality.