Chauvet Light Fixtures for Rental Company Access Pro Group

By purchasing the latest technology equipment the rental company Access Pro Group from Belgrade has expanded its range of lighting equipment significantly. Chauvet ROGUE R1 BEAM moving heads and Chauvet STRIKE 4 blinder and strobes are the new members of the team!

  • Client: Rental Company Access Pro Group
  • Date of project: 2018

Rogue R1 Beam stands apart and above other narrow-beam fixtures by offering two layerable, independently controlled prisms for stunning split beam effects. The 5-facet and 8-facet prisms can be combined with the 17-slot gobo wheel and 14 colors on the color wheel for a variety of stunning never before seen aerial and gobo effects.


Strike 4 is an electrifying audience blinder and strobe with four high-power 100 W COB LEDs housed in independently focusable pods. It’s the go-to-choice for high energy automated strobe effects and its smooth 16-bit dimming curve facilitates incandescent-style fades. Its adjustable PWM is ideal in film and studio applications. Strike 4 comes standard with basic and advanced control personalities for flexibility in programming, and an easy-to-read OLED display for quick onboard adjustments.


We wish Access Pro Group many successful uses of Chauvet lighting devices!