Mobile Stage, Trussing, Sound and Lighting For The City of Pozarevac

By successfully participating in the EU tender announced by the IPA Fund for Cross-Border Cooperation between Serbia and Romania, AVL Projekt was given the opportunity to deliver aluminum truss, stage, audio and lighting equipment to the City of Pozarevac. This successful participation included the fulfillment of all requirements in terms of forms issued by the EU, thus qualifying as a reliable supplier in the project.

  • Client: The City of Pozarevac
  • Date of project: 2018

Truss and stage


The manufacturer of aluminum structure with hand cranes and stage is Duratruss.


The double roof system has dimensions 10x8m with 4 tower elevators for lifting the structure onto a height of 7m maximum. Each tower has a steel base and a maximum load capacity of 1000kg. It is made of 290x290mm aluminum grid segment of a square shape with a pipe diameter of 50mm and a pipe wall thickness of 4mm. The segments are made of EN-AV 6082 T6 (AIMgSil T6) alloy.

The rest of the roof structure is made of 400x400mm square aluminum segments with a pipe diameter of 50mmx2mm. The complete construction is supplied with PVC covers on the top and both sides. Appropriate accessories for joining the construction were also delivered.


The total area of ​​the stage is 80m2, while the dimensions of one platform are 200cmx100cm with an aluminum frame. The upper layer of the platform is made of waterproof and fireproof plywood with a thickness of 12mm and with a antislip surface. It is intended for outdoor use. The platform is certified for a load of 750kg/m2. Each frame of the platform is equipped with a foot connector and an accessory for connecting between the platform and the foot. Along with the stage also square legs made of aluminum and with adjustable height from 60 to 100 cm, and corresponding stairs with handrails were delivered.




To control the sound system, we delivered a digital mixer DiGiCo S21 that comes with two touch-sensitive screens which enable instant feedback and control over 20 channels. The advantage of two touch screens is that the user has an abundance of visual space. The mixer itself has a number of ports, 24 mic/line inputs and 12 analogue outputs, two AES I/O channels, word clock I/O, one GPI/GPO, DVI output, as well as two Ethernet ports. For our customers we provide on-the-job training, and you can also watch online training on our YouTube channel.


Active 2-way array RCF NXL 44-A loudspeakers that are to be attached to the truss was delivered. They deliver power of 700W over three neodymium 10" woofers and one 1.4" driver. All components are perfectly tuned to allow uniform space coverage and are controlled via the built-in DSP thanks to which they deliver natural sound and a high SPL suitable for professional sounds in live events. Subwoofer RCF SUB 8004-AS is one of the most powerful 18" subwoofer in the professional sound category with 1250W D-Class amplifiers. It is distinguished by its superior performance, efficiency and low weight.

Connection between FOH and binary audio equipment is performed via Stagebox 24 in/8 out with a 25m multicore cable and the Sommer Cable connectors.

We also delivered Sennheiser wireless microphone system packed in racks, with a manual transmitter and a dynamic cardioid microphone which has the function of automatic scanning the frequency band for finding the free frequency. Thanks to this, this wireless microphone system ensures high-quality reception of signals without any interference.




The lighting control is performed using the digital mixer MA Lighting MA DOT2 CORE of the latest generation with 4096 channels (4 DMX outputs), 2 built-in touch screens and an Ethernet port. Intuitive work on the console is at the very core of dot2 philosophy. The desktop comes with free lighting control software and visualization software for the lighting system, all aligned with the lighting panel.

Chauvet Intimidator Spot 255 IRC is a 60W LED spot moving head with 15° angle. It gives the illumination of 1600lux@5m. It's a lightweight device featuring an exceptional ratio of money invested and the effects it offers with a weight of just 5.7kg. It is also distinguished by the division of the light beam through a triple prism for different effects with color changes and rotating gobos. Due to the exceptional energy efficiency, it is possible to connect up to 10 devices to one electrical outlet.

Chauvet EVE P-130 RGB LED wash lights with a total of 40 diodes (13 red, 13 green and 14 blue), total power of which is 130W, with a simple change of angle degree by using magnetic interchangeable frames with lenses of 25 and 45 degrees.


After the delivery of the complete equipment, our team carried out the training of technical staff and performed a simulation of the concert event so that the users were ready to use the system to the highest possible extent when needed.