SONY laser projector and projection screen for the National Library of Serbia

The National Library of Serbia was founded in 1832 and is the oldest cultural institution in Serbia. It was founded as a sort of books deposit with the possibility to eventually grow into a national library.

  • Client: The National Library of Serbia
  • Date of project: 2018

Nowadays, as well as before, the library makes significant steps to keep pace with the technological development of human society. One of these steps is the establishment of the Center of Virtual Library of Serbia, which connects electronic catalogs of libraries in Serbia into a unique electronic catalog. In order to keep the Virtual Library functioning impeccably and electronic catalogs of libraries were properly treated and updated, the National Library of Serbia is conducting continuous training of all librarians in Serbia.


The delivered video presentation system


For these reasons, the library has decided to obtain a modern presentation system so that librarians' training is maximally technically and technologically supported. This has given our company the opportunity to deliver a video presentation system composed of Sony VPL-PWZ10, MW SCREENS ROLLFIX 292X183 motorized projection screen and accessories (HDMI Extender for transmitting A/V signals over one network cable).


Instead of outdated technology with a lamp, the supplied projector has a laser light source with the best price on the market for such projectors. It is distinguished by the power of 5000 lumens and the resolution of the WXGA.

In addition to the price of the projector, the decision on the selection of this projector was influenced by a number of technical and technological advantages, out of which we highlight the following:

1. Laser light source - no maintenance costs (no lamp replacement); all key parts of the projector are shielded (parts with laser, filters, optics, and power supply). Maintenance is practically reduced to dusting.

2. The lifetime of the light source 20,000 hours - in everyday work, this gives 10 years of use.

3. Electricity consumption with a laser projector 40% in relation to the projector with a lamp.

4. Immediately ready to operate, within 5-6 seconds, turning on or off the projector without waiting for cooling or heating the lamp.

5. Extremely quiet in work.

6. Possibility of installation in any position or angle.

7. Supports HDBaseT technology.

8. Warranty 5 years.


In the shortest, the selected projector provides an effective laser projection with excellent image quality, simple installation and low maintenance costs.


We want the National Library many successful training of librarians of Serbia and further technological improvement of work.