d&b sound system for Opera and Theater Madlenianum

In October 2018 AVL Projekt delivered, installed, set up and put into operation d&b audiotechnik sound system for the Grand Hall of Madlenianum. This significant project is the result of the wish of the founder of Madlenianum and the management of the institution to raise the level of their cultural services to the highest possible level through technological advancement by which they joined cultural institutions such as the Sydney Opera or the famous Orfeum Theater in Los Angeles.

  • Client: Opera & Theater Madlenianum
  • Date of project: 2018

About Madlenianum and the Great Hall


Opera and Theater Madlenianum was founded in 1998 as the first private opera house in this part of Europe. Within the walls of this magnificent cultural institution there are several different spaces for the realization of artistic creations, of which the Great Hall is certainly the most impressive one.

The Great Hall has a capacity of 504 seats. It is designed according to the highest demands of top-notch comfort and technology of contemporary theater that fully suits its purposes. The hall is characterized by exceptional functionality and style and, at the same time, it is one of the most demanding halls in Belgrade.


About the installed sound system


Until now the Great Hall stage has had a modern sound system that was installed by our company back in 2005, and then upgraded in 2012.

However, as the needs constantly change, at the beginning of this, a decision was made to replace the existing sound system with a new one. The new system would correspond to the most diverse purposes of the Great Hall, including the concerts of renowned musicians who expect the highest class of technical and technological equipment of cultural institutions such as Madlenianum.

After a careful selection process, during which our company organized a presentation of the proposed d&b audio system, the decision was made to allocate the entire job to our company. The job involved the delivery, installation, set up and putting to operation of the entire system.


It is a state-of-the-art sound system that allows for faithful sound reproduction and controlled and uniform sound distribution in the complete auditorium, whereby the listeners in any part of the Great Hall, first or last lines, or on the balcony, have the same sound image with the same sound pressure. Top cabinets are extremely precise and allow speech to be performed on headset and handheld microphones, while the orchestra performance in the front of the stage takes place without the appearance of a microphone.


Yi cardioid subwoofers are hung behind the Ti10L line array loudspeakers. Thanks to its cardioid feature, low-frequency reproduction is only directed forward, avoiding reflections from the rear and side walls. This makes the stage silent, providing contractors with the conditions for maximum concentration on the performance itself.

The Max 2 stage monitors allow for maximum control of the performance on the stage. The monitors reproduce precise tone and create great sound pressure, so they can be used both during opera performances as well as during pop-rock concerts where a large sound level is required.

d&b array calc software was used to calculate and simulate the room propagation, while d&b software R1 was used to control and adjust the system, which enabled the monitoring of the amplifier (power, temperature) and loudspeaker performance (impedance).


Challenges during installation and set up of the system


In spaces that are fully functional and aesthetically complete, there are frequent challenges when installing equipment, because it is always essential that the new installation does not in any way impair the existing interior. This time, the mounting points for the LITEC EXE Rise hoists carrying the loudspeakers were inaccessible and meant drilling a hole in the ceiling.

The challenge also was to avoid the reflection that occurs when the sound is reproduced towards the balcony wall, which required a very precise cornering of the loudspeakers, thus achieving the "avoidance" of the wall and obtaining directional sound.


Finally, it remains to conclude that one thing has become completely sure: whether it's an opera, a theater show, a rock concert or a concert of classical music, even a corporate event - Madlenianum now has a sound for everyone. If necessary, it can be completely natural, neutral, authentic to the original. On the other hand, with a single click of one button, the system will reproduce a transparent, loud and powerful sound required by live bands.