Sound system for the Hall of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia

In October 2018, AVL Projekt delivered the sound system for the hall of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

  • Client: The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia
  • Date of project: 2018

The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia is the building on the Nikola Pasic Square in Belgrade, the construction of which lasted for 30 years. The building of the parliament was designed by architect Jovan Ilkić who died in 1917 without waiting for the completion of the building. By the decision of the Belgrade City Assembly in 1984, the House of the National Assembly was proclaimed a cultural monument.

The first session of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in this building was held on October 21, 1936.


About sound reinforcement of the hall of the National Assembly


Since this is a hall within the assembly with a special acoustics thanks to the volume of the room and its glaced surfaces, a fixed sound system consisting of a beam steerable column speaker RCF VSA 1250 has been installed. It is a vertically manageable array system and belongs to the latest RCF digital audio technology. Thanks to powerful DSPs, the VSA 1250 processes an audio signal sent to each of the individual speakers to control its vertical acoustic dispersion, and to direct it directly to the listeners, thereby avoiding sound from ceilings or flat, empty floors. This has led to absolute understanding of speech at a higher sound pressure in a very reverberant space, as well as the uniform sound coverage.


The following were also delivered:

RCF L-PAD 16CX USB - from the L-PAD line of compact audio consoles featuring enhanced flexibility and outstanding sound in the category of audio consoles it belongs to. As TV broadcasts are often made from the Assembly Hall, a special exit from the mixer is ​​made

RCF Evox 8 - mobile music for music reproduction. It's a compact size system that combines the quality and reliability of RCF components with high power amplification. It is designed to be the ideal solution for larger presentations, corporate events and congresses, as well as in live gaming situations.

Audix M1250B and M1250BS - speech microphones that feature high RF resistance, which is a significant feature for this purpose.

Xilica Neutrino A0808 - DSP processor


The installation of the system implied its discrete installation, thanks to which the installed cables were well "hidden" and virtually invisible. This was necessary because it the building’s interior is protected as a cultural monument.

Very soon after the installation of the system there was an opportunity to use it. So, the system was confirmed as adequately adjusted, because it delivered a high level of comprehensibility of the speech at a higher power, without a microphone.