Mobile audio system for Cultural and Artistic Association Petefi Sandor

The field of Cultural and Artistic Association Petefi Sandor's activities from Maradik is the presentation of local culture, tradition, customs and multiculturalism of these areas. Special attention is paid to young people with the aim of motivating them join this cultural and artistic society in order to nurture the tradition by singing and dancing and performing it to their fellow citizens and guests.

  • Client: Cultural and Artistic Association Petefi Sandor
  • Date of project: 2018

Bearing this in mind, KUD Petefi Sandor spoke to us with the desire to acquire a mobile sound system.


Mobile sound system


We delivered a mobile sound system consisting of RCF ART 312-A MK4 active DSP  loudspeakers of 800W/peak power, which is the optimal choice for sound reinforcement of live events, when there is a strongneed for excellent full range, bass reproduction and precise high frequencies. These RCF speakers are designed using their advanced FiR filtering technology, developed to provide transparent sound, absolute clarity and perfect stereo image to each listener.

There is also an audio mixer RCF L-PAD 10C, a 10-channel mixer with a compressor that is an ideal tool for playing ambient music, at parties and for all other activities that involve several stereo inputs and mixing them.


We have also delivered the all-purpose Audix i5, the dynamic instrumental microphone with cardioid polar pettern. It is equipped with a VLM diaphragm for natural and precise sound reproduction. The i5 can be used on stage, in studio or in broadcast applications, and can support SPLs up to 140 dB without any distortion. The i5 cordless microphone can be used with various instruments, such as guitar, bass and vocals as well. The i5 is a robust, compact and easy-to-use microphone.

There is also the Audix ADX20iP miniature condenser microphone that finds its application in professional applications on stage and in the studio. This microphone is mainly used for brass  instruments. The Audix ADX20iP has a cardioid polar pattern that provides excellent sound isolation and control of feedback on the stage with natural reproduction of sounds at small distances. The ADX20iP microphone is lightweight, compact and easy to use. With this microphone, a gooseneck clip with a fender for easy mounting is delivered.


Also suitable stands are supplied for active loudspeakers, and the whole system is connected with high quality microphone cables Sommer Cable Stage 22 and Hicon connectors HI-X3CM-B and HI-X3CF-B.


For more information about the supplied system, please call us or write to us.