Professional Sony Laser Projectors and 4K Monitors for Telenor

In September 2018 and in cooperation with Code Computer Engineering, AVL Projekt delivered Sony Pro projectors and monitors for installation in conference halls of Telenor in Belgrade.

  • Client: Telenor, Serbia
  • Date of project: 2018

Telenor is the first mobile network in Serbia that today has more than 3 million users. It was designed to provide communication and connectivity among people by providing reliable and stable data connection and transfer, while at the same time establishing and maintaining user data security at all times of communication.

In line with its commitment to quality professional solutions, Telenor authorities decided this autumn to purchase professional Sony equipment. Here we talk about the laser projectors and monitors that are installed in several conference rooms and offices with the aim of providing long-lasting and reliable work.


Supplied projectors and professional monitors


For a high-quality display of the projected image of a larger format, 12 laser projectors SONY VPL-PHZ10 have been delivered. These projectors, instead of the lamp, have a laser with a lifetime of 20,000 hours, due to which there are practically no maintenance costs, while electricity consumption is reduced by 40% compared to the projectors of the same characteristics with a lamp.

5000 lumens and WUXGA resolution is enough for a high-quality image on the PPEL-43150-BA, 150" motorized projection screen.


The projector is quiet in work, which is important in conference rooms in order not to disturb the working atmosphere during meetings. Connecting between the computer and the projector itself is done through a CAT6 network cable that allows the transmission of audio and video signals thanks to the built-in HDBaseT receiver in the projector itself.


In addition to the projectors, we also delivered a total of 10 Sony professional 4K resolution monitors (55" FW-55BZ35F and 65" FW-65BZ35F). One of the key things for selecting professional monitors instead of home TVs is nearly three times the brightness in favor of a pro monitor, thus achieving flawless visibility of the displayed content. Given that a significant amount of daylight is reaching the office as a rule, the ambient light reflection will be considerably lower with the supplied monitors. 


The next important feature of professional monitor operation is the possibility of their daily operation in 24/7 mode, which is not the case with home TVs that lose their brightness after 3-4 months of daytime work, and consequently the image is less visible. An interesting feature is an integrated Wi-Fi module that allows wireless content to be downloaded from the Internet. Thanks to the powerful processor, the streaming of 4K content is possible without any problems. In case of need, it is possible to play 4K content in portrait mode from USB stick thanks to the built-in media player.

The EWB250 wall mounts make it possible to safely install the monitor and allows the adjustment of the vertical inclination of the monitor.

For Telenor, a 5-year warranty was also obtained, which requires a minimum service fee that allows the replacement of the monitor with a new one in case of failure of the monitor within the warranty period.

The supplied monitors also have the option of upgrading the touch frame so that the monitor can be turned into an interactive display.


The partner on this successfully implemented project was the company CODE COMPUTER ENGINEERING from Belgrade.