Portable Stage for The Cultural Centar Apatin

The Cultural Center in Apatin is a cultural institution that organizes cultural and artistic programs at the area of Apatin Municipality. The programs are realized in a space of over 1,500 m2 which consists of the Big Hall with 258 seats, Small Hall for chamber programs, gallery Meander and book depot with more than 400 works.

  • Client: The Cultural Center Apatin
  • Date of project: 2018

About the delivered stage  


In order to improve its services, The Cultural Center Apatin decided to continue with the technical and technological improvements of the space. This time, the funds have been directed to the purchase of mobile stage whose dimensions are 4x3m and is intended to be used indoor and outdoor.  


A single stage segment (panel) has dimensions of 200cm x 100cm. The frame of a segment is made of aluminum, while the upper layer is made of waterproof and fire-resistant plywood, 12mm thick and with anti-slip surface. Each frame of the stage segment is equipped with mountings for the 4 legs and with an addition for connecting the segments and the legs themselves.


The stage is equipped with accessories to connect stage segments and legs which guarantees the safety and reliability when there is the performance of folklore groups, all due to vibrations that occur during their dancing.


The stage has an additional insert that is positioned between the stage segments for leveling the stage on uneven ground.


In addition to the stage, telescopic square legs as well as adjustable stairs were delivered. The legs have adjustable height (40 to 60 cm) and there are 24 pieces of them in total.


The segment is certified for a load of 750kg/m2 , and the maximum weight of one stage segment is 32kg.


Please, check for the images of the mounted stage.