Interactive Video Walls for Belgrade Waterfront

It is said that Belgrade Waterfront the future urban city center. It has been built for the fourth year in a row and when it is fully done, it will spread to 1.8 million square meters distributed as public areas, pedestrian zones, flats, offices and shopping centers, as well as places for culture and education.

  • Client: Belgrade Waterfront
  • Date of project: 2018

In order to present the above mentioned contents to be presented to potential customers in the most effective way, the management of Eagle Hills has engaged us in designing, installing and putting into operation 2 interactive video walls.

The call we received from them is a logical continuation of cooperation, since 4 years ago we delivered the first such video solutions.


About the supplied interactive video walls


The supplied 117" video walls have been installed in 4x1 configuration with dimensions 272cmx123cm. They are made up of a professional 55" touch screens with 3.5mm bezel.


The monitors are designed to work 24/7, with enough brightness and contrast for delivering perfectly clear images. The touch frame is designed to have 32 touch points. The content is played from an appropriate computer that can scale the image to the appropriate resolution of the interactive video wall.


We have also delivered the Sony professional touch screen monitors as additional interactive monitors with 75" and 65" diagonals. These monitors are the ideal solution for 24/7 operation, have 620cd/m2 brightness and a built-in USB media player, which with free software allows you to play content from any USB stick, without the need to have an extra computer.


The touch frame is implemented in IR technology and has 10 touch points. Since the touch frame is manufactured in SONY, too it ideally matches the monitor and its aesthetics.

The installed video walls were then integrated with inovative software solution and application created by Case 3D company, which made it a Media Wall for displaying adequate content.


After the installation, the system setup and putting it into operation, our team carried out the training of users for proper handling of the delivered video presentation solutions.