Aluminum Trussing and Stage, Audio-lighting and Video Equipment for the City of Novi Sad

One part of the European IPA funds refers to the development and improvement of cross-border cooperation between Serbia and Hungary. Thanks to a well-designed project aimed at increasing the tourist capacities of Novi Sad and 4 surrounding cultural centers, the City of Novi Sad has managed to obtain funds for the purchase of aluminum trussing, stage, sound system, lighting and presentation kiosks.

  • Client: aluminum-trussing-and-stage-audio-lighting-and-video-equipment-for-the-city-of-n
  • Date of project: 2019

As our company fulfilled all the requirements regarding the submission of forms provided by the European Union, we qualified as a reliable supplier to this project and got a job.


About the supplied equipment


For presentations organized by cultural centers, SONY interactive, floor-standing, presentation totems TOT-1349-IR10 were delivered. They consist of an aluminum housing with a storage space for a mini PC and a professional monitor SONY FW-49BZ35F. The touch frame is based on IR technology and has 10 touch points on the surface, while the monitor guarantees reliable use for years, because it is designed to work 24/7. The backlight of the monitor is sufficient to enable watching the video content well at higher levels of ambient light.


The supplied LITEC aluminum fixed trussing has dimensions of 8m x 6.5m and it is 5.5m high. It is made of aluminum grid segments of a square shape of dimensions 290x290mm, with a pipe diameter of 50mm and a wall thickness of 2mm. The complete trussing is covered with PVC roof. Corresponding accessories for joining the construction, as well as spanners and cables for stability were also delivered.


The stage has a dimension of 7m x 6m. The size of one stage segment is 2m x 1m with aluminum frame. The top layer of the platform is made of waterproof and fireproof 12mm thick plywood. It also has an anti-slip surface because it is designed for outdoor use. It is certified for a load of 750kg/m2. Each frame of the platform is equipped with a foot connector and an accessory for connecting between the platform and the foot. Along with the stage, also aluminum square feet with adjustable height from 60 to 100 cm were delivered, as well as appropriate staircases with handrails.


As part of the lighting equipment, a control panel with 384 channels was delivered with the possibility of making scenes according to the user's wishes. All the lighting fixtures are made in LED technology with Osram diodes. Profile reflectors have a power of 100W and give a warm white light with variable angle of 20 to 39 degrees. The reflector has high quality 4 knives with which it is possible to cut a light beam according to the desire of a light designer. Fresnel reflectors have variable angles of 17 to 50 degrees with additional valves for directing the beam. For painting the stage, PAR reflectors type RGBAW + UV and power 130W are supplied. All reflectors support the control DMX protocol, and can also be controlled wirelessly via a USB dongle.


The sound system consists of:

  • RCF audio mixer L-PAD 12CX - 12-channel audio mixer with effects and a built-in USB MP3 Player/Recorder that is an ideal tool for presentations, playing ambient music, entertainment and all other activities that involve several stereo inputs and mixing them.
  • active speakers RCF ART 715-A MK4 with power of 1400W with max SPL of 130 dB and bass reflex subwoofer RCF SUB 705-ASII with power of 1400W. RCF speakers feature proprietary advanced FiR filtering technology, developed to give each listener a absolutely clear and transparent sound  and perfect stereo image. At the same time, RCF's technology in D-Class amplifiers provides excellent performance, yet they are very efficient and lightweight.
  • dynamic handheld microphones and high quality K&M microphone stands.


Complete sound and lighting are connected with quality AES/EBU DMX cables and microphone cables from the German manufacturer Sommer Cable.


After the installation of the equipment, our team carried out training of technical persons and simulated a concert event, so that the client could use the delivered systems in the future as much independantly as possible.