Sound and Lighting, Stage Mechanics and Curtains for the City Theater Bečej

The City Theatre Bečej is a cultural institution found by the community of Bečej. Even today it is the central cultural institution in town with the main purpose described in the name itself, but which organizes other cultural activities like painting exhibitions, musical, literature, film activities as well as different work-shops for all ages.

  • Client: The City Theater Bečej
  • Date of project: 2019

At the end of the year, the City Theater Bečej announced a tender for the procurement of sound, lighting, video equipment and stage curtains. By successfully participating in the tender, we were given the opportunity to deliver and install high-quality equipment of the latest generation.


Lighting equipment


The lighting system consists of:


- Chauvet LED spotlights with Osram diodes. Chauvet EVE E-100Z a powerful spot fixtures with a zoom angle of 14 to 30 degrees are supplied. These spot fixture emit warm white light. Four quality framing shutters make it simple to control light beam according to the wishes of the light designer. There are also Chauvet EVE F-50Z fresnel fixtures, which features a zoom angle of 17 to 50 degrees and additional flaps for directing the light beam. Chauvet SLIMPARPRO H USB PAR spotlights, RGBAW + UV and power 12x10W are supplied for washing the scene. All spotlights are controlled via DMX protocol and wirelessly via USB dongle. Appropriate hooks and cables will be used to mount the spotlights.

- Network node lighting control device with 1024 DMX control channels to connect to a touch screen computer. Connection to spotlights is via 5-pin XLR output connectors.

- Lighting control software installed on a computer with an intuitive graphical interface as well as 3D visualization software that allows direct download of attributes and addresses of lighting fixtures within the 3D software. 3D Lighting visualization software can draw the basic segments of the scene, scenography, performers and more, with the choice of the texture of the object while providing a realistic visualization of the show, scene, studio, etc.


Sound System


The sound system consists of:

- ASHLY DIGIMIX24, compact 24-channel digital mixing consoles intended for use in educational and cultural institutions, as well as for studio recording. This console combines the experience of working on an analog mixer with the functionality and flexibility of digital. The 7 "LCD screen allows easy navigation through the menu. The mixer can be operated via the iOS app. The Radial USB PRO with headphone output is used to connect a laptop via USB to play music.

- RCF ART 715-A MK4 active full-range speaker, 1400W with a maximum SPL of 130 dB and ART 735-A MK4, 1400W with a maximum SPL of 132 dB. The speakers are designed using RCF's advanced FiR filtering technology to deliver transparent sound, absolute clarity and perfect stereo image to every listener. Thanks to RCF technology, D-Class amplifiers have excellent performance, high efficiency and lightweight. Audix OM3 dynamic vocal microphones mounted on K&M microphone stands were also supplied.


The entire sound and lighting system is connected with quality AES / EBU DMX and German Sommer Cable cables as well as Hicon connectors.


Video system


The Casio XJ-V110W projector features a laser/LED hybrid light source and uses DLP theater projection technology with the option to quickly turn on the projector within 5 seconds to full illumination. The lifespan of a light source is up to 20,000 hours. It features a brightness of 3500 lumens, while the contrast is 20000:1. The resolution is WXGA (1280x800 pixels), while the projected image format is 16/10. The projector has 1.35 to 1.90:1 throw ratio with the ability to manually adjust the zoom and focus.


Stage mechanics and curtains


The rail system for the front ceremonial curtain is made of 28x32mm profile, 8m long and has accessories for hanging into the portal opening. The curtain is Molton in burgundy, weight 300g/m2, folded 50%, with eyelets for hanging on the trolley rail system. The curtain can be moved manually, by pulling the rope to open the double-sided curtain left and right. They meet all the necessary fireproof standards.


Watch a short video about the operation of the rail system:



After the installation, our team trained technicians to work with the implemented solutions. A simulation of a theater play was also done in order to show the work on the installed system as faithfully as possible.