Sony Professional 4K Monitor For Yason Optical Shop

Yason was founded in 1989 in Novi Sad as an independent eyewear craftsmanship and selling business. Today five optical shops in Novi Sad operate under the name of Yason, and the business also has been expanded to the markets of Macedonia, Montenegro and Belarus.

  • Client: Yason Optical Shop
  • Date of project: 2019

Thanks to innovation and proactive attitude towards market changes, Yason has managed to establish and maintain a leadership position in this area. It rests on investing in different  advertising strategies of all products: within the shops, through the media, by organizing fashion shows and sponsoring cultural, sports and fashion events.


Implemented solution


In this regard, the task that was set before us was to improve the visibility of advertising messages in the shop window.


For this purpose, we selected a 55" professional Sony monitor FW-55BZ35F with a luminance of 620 cd/m2 for clear advertising message. This professional monitor is designed to work 24/7 without degradation in image quality, even after several years of use. It also has the ability to work in portrait orientation for the display of promotional videos and images of consumer goods.


Sony professional monitors have an automatic lighting calibration depending on the ambient light intensity. The presented image is crystal clear with excellent color reproduction and high contrast thanks to HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology.


Further more, it was important for our client and that it was easy to release advertising content through the built-in USB media player, without the need to use additional computers and software. With the USB media player, it is possible to create appropriate playlists and adjust the time of their playback.


In the first days after the installation, the client expressed his satisfaction with the implemented solution and announced the continuation of investment in this type of business and product advertising.