The New Video Wall for Belgrade Waterfront

Eagle Hills is a construction and investment company that focuses its business on emerging international markets. It develops destinations that become the new highlights of cities, as communities with a high quality lifestyle. In Serbia, such a destination is Belgrade Waterfront.

  • Client: Belgrade Waterfront
  • Date of project: 2019

Belgrade Waterfront is a new urban center of Belgrade, where housing and business facilities are located, as well as the biggest shopping destination in the Balkans. Its plate there will find also some of the world class hotels, cultural and culture, educational institutions, modern health centers and a wide range of attractions and facilities for leisure and entertainment.


Video wall for Belgrade Waterfront


As a large-scale project, the results of which can be considered only through phases, Eagle Hills has been investing considerable effort and resources from the very beginning to faithfully present to the prospective customers a space that can be purchased, regardless of whether it is a residential or business part.


For the sake of high-quality presentation, our company was engaged in designing and installing a video wall of impressive dimensions of 364x479 cm, which is configured as 3x7 and made up of professional 55" monitors with a 3.5mm bezel.

This installation represents a logical continuation of cooperation since last year when we delivered to the same client two 117" interactive video walls in the 4x1 configuration.

The monitors, that make up the video wall, are designed to work 24/7 with enough brightness and contrast for perfectly clear images throughout the day.


For the control of the system, Aten modular video matrix has been delivered with the corresponding number of inputs and outputs of the 4K resolution. For the release of content from different distant locations up to 100m, appropriate 4K HDBaseT extenders have been provided.

We have also delivered additional Sony Professional 55" interactive monitors FW-55BZ35F with touch frame. These monitors represent the ideal solution for working 24/7, with 620cd/m2 illumination and a built-in USB media player, which with free software allows you to play content without an extra computer from any USB stick.


Touch frame is implemented in IR technology and has 10 touch points. Since the touch frame is manufactured in SONY, it ideally complements the monitor, so it does not disturb the aesthetics of the monitor itself.

After the installation and the system setup, our team carried out the training of the technical staff from the client’s company.


The installed video wall reached its full potential after integration with Case 3D's innovative software solution and application becoming so the Media Wall.