Video Presentation Equipment for Elixir Group in Novi Sad

Elixir Group is one of the regional leaders in the chemical industry, the production of complex mineral fertilizers, as well as in several other segments of agriculture business. Their leading market position implies continual development and improvements of the production processes.

  • Client: Elixir Group, Novi Sad
  • Date of project: 2019

With the latest technology and highly qualified and well-trained staff, they continually secure the highest quality of the products.

Installed video presentation system

In order to improve the effectiveness of meetings and the work plans presentations, the authorities from Elixir Group hired our company for providing a clear image and sound in the conference room throughout the day with a designed video presentation system and without compromising the quality.

For high-quality image of a format as large as 300x187cm a laser projector SONY VPL-PHZ10 was delivered. This laser light source projector was chosen for energy savings, silent operation and no maintenance costs with the possibility of all-day operation with constant lighting.

The video signal between the computer and the projector is distributed via the HDMI wireless extender ATEN VE809. This device is ideal for transmitting HD resolution over a distance of up to 30m without any interference during operation, as it is immune to interference from other devices and their Bluetooth or wireless communications. The extender has 2 HDMI inputs, so it works as a switch with input selection on the device itself or via a remote control.