Sony Laser Projector for ComData from Novi Sad

ComData is a company founded in 1992 in Novi Sad. Since its founding, it has been engaged in the development and implementation of complex ICT systems. In order for their developers to be familiar with and trained to work with the latest technologies and ICT trends, the company invests significant resources in employee training, while also organizing external trainings.

  • Client: ComData
  • Date of project: 2019

Our team has been engaded to provide a high-quality video presentation solution. Without any doubts, Sony VPL-PWZ10 projector with laser light source was selected instead of the models

with outdated lamp technology. Apart from the brightness of 5000 lumens and WXGA resolution, it is distinguished by the best price on the market for the laser light projectors.


In addition to the price itself, the choice has also been influenced by several other advantages:

  • no maintenance costs (no lamp replacement)
  • life span of light sources up to 20,000 hours
  • immediately ready for operation - starts working within 5 to 6 seconds of switch-on,
  • quiet at work
  • 5 years or 12000 hours warranty


In the shortest, the selected projector provides an efficient laser projection with excellent image quality, easy installation and low maintenance costs.