LED Screen, Sound System and Impressive Lighting for TV Nova S

Nova S is a cable TV channel that is part of the largest regional television network Nova. It broadcasts entertainment and political talk shows, information and documentary programs, exclusive sports contents and the best domestic and foreign films and series.

  • Client: TV Nova S
  • Date of project: 2019

After recognizing AVL Projekt as a potential and reliable partner with many years of experience in equipping television studios, authorities from Nova S contacted us with the requirement to project LED screen, sound and lighting for their TV studio in Kosutnjak, Belgrade.


About supplied audio, visual and lighting solutions


The curved LED screen of imposing dimensions 816x240cm, type P2.72mm, with floor stand was delivered. It is intended for internal use during TV show “The night with Ivan Ivanovic”. The high-quality LED screen works with studio camera without any flickering, which was a key requirement of our client. It fits perfectly into the TV studio's design.

The LED screen consists of 480x480mm LED panels that can be quickly disassembled and used for other studio needs. It is controlled by 4K Novastar processor.


For the needs of the TV studio set design and for pixel mapping, we delivered Chauvet LED pixel bars, EPIX STRIP TOUR and EPIX STRIPTOUR50. Their individual lengths are 50cm and 100cm, respectively, i.e. 50 LEDs in a row and have a viewing angle of 125 degrees. The power is enabled through the appropriate drivers with control protocols Art-Net, Kling-Net or sACN.


For additional scenic effects, Maverick MK Pyxis mobile beam/wash moving heads with powerful LED sources (for Beam 1x60W RGBW and for Wash 9x15W RGBW) were also delivered. Wide zoom, 360 degree rotation and individual pixel (diode) control with the rotation of the outer ring gives the lighting designers the endless possibilities to create effects on the scene.

The total effect is further enhanced by a rotating LED bar ROGUE R1FXB with a 5x15W RGBW LED moving source.


The installed sound system consists of 8 RCF stage monitors NX 12-SMA, and the complete audio system includes several different Audix microphone models:

DP7 - microphone set for 7 drums

i5 - dynamic instrumental cardioid microphone

CX112B - condenser studio microphone with 3 patterns: cardioid, omnidirectional or figure 8

ADX20IP - mini cardioid microphone with clamp for brass/wooden instrument and with phantom adapter.


We have also delivered Radial DI boxes PRODI and PROD2 designed to prevent the appearance of bruising in the sound system, as well as K&M's floor stands and booms.


To connect a large number of microphones, a high-quality stagebox is required in order to prevent signal weakening and enable isolation of audio channels. Sommer Cable has a proven solution for this, which we have tested many times and are convinced in its quality, reliability and functionality. Click on the link for more information.