Tour Guide System for Congress Rental

For the purpose of holding corporate events Congress Rental, a company from Belgrade, has acquired the latest tour guide system whose main feature is uncompromising quality.

  • Client: tour-guide-system-for-congress-rental
  • Date of project: 2019

The delivered tour guide system consists of 25 units that can perform either as a receiver or a transmitter. The units are located in a transport case which serves also as a unit charger.


This system provides excellent digital audio transmission quality for a distance of 100m which is enabled by selecting the corresponding channel of one of 50 different frequencies. The very nature of digital audio signal transmission guarantees high resistance to electromagnetic disturbances from the environment in which the tour guide system is used.


The unit itself has an OLED display that clearly shows the status of the battery, the sound level, the choice of the channel being listened to, and the unit's status (whether it is a transmitter or a receiver).

When the unit is in the status of the transmitter, then it is easy to choose whether the voice of the presenter or music will be heard from the media player or phone connected to the unit via the jack 3.5mm.


The battery life is 50 hours when the unit operates as a receiver, while in the status of the transmitter, the battery's life is 20 hours. The unit itself has 2 inputs for the headphone connection, so two listeners can be connected to it when it is in reception mode.


The unit's housing is made of fireproof material resistant to moisture and shock which guarantees quality work for many years without any problems.


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