Chauvet Light Fixtures and MA Lighting Control for Rental Company PowerHouse

The rental company PowerHouse possesses more than twenty years of experience working with concert and club sound and lighting. During the years of development and growth, they have achieved a high level of quality and reliability in providing the services of sounding and illuminating the most diverse events.

  • Client: Rental Company PowerHouse
  • Date of project: 2019

They offer RCF sound from the pro series NX which features innovative and modular system of active loudspeakers designed to be an everyday tool for rental companies and professional musicians. There is also high-quality static and mobile, standard and LED light fixtures which includes wash and spot lights, PAR 64, LED bars, strobes, etc.


In order to further enhance their offer, they recently decided to purchase top spot, beam and wash intelligent Chauvet lighting, as follows: MAVERICK MK2WASH, ROGUE R2X BEAM and ROGUE R1X SPOT, as well as Ma Lighting MA ON PC COMMAND WING.


About light fixtures and lighting control


Maverick MK2 Wash rewrites the rules on wash fixtures with its flawlessly even output, custom designed optics, full pixel mapping, virtual gobo wheel with background colors, pre-programmed colors and 7° – 49° zoom range. Powered by 12 (40 W) Osram RGBW LEDs, it can handle any application, even aerial washing, with ease. Take control with DMX, sACN, Art-Net, Kling-Net or W-DMX.


Rogue R2X Beam is the light cannon of the Rogue series, boasting an intense 134,000 lux at 15 meters from its 231 W Osram Sirius lamp. This fully-featured beam can be focused down to 1 degree for extremely focused aerial effects, and comes with 14 fixed colors in a fully scrollable, variable speed color wheel, which also provides split-colors perfectly. Additionally, the unit features individually controllable and overlapping 8 and 5-facet prisms for an endless supply of creative and dynamic beam looks. Frost and focus options ensure even light distribution and the unit is equipped with RDM and DMX protocols.


Rogue R1X Spot brings innovation and creativity with a rotating 3-facet prism for stunning aerial effects, a motorized iris and focus for beam shaping, as well as two gobo wheels, one of which rotates and has 7 interchangeable gobos for custom looks. Rogue R1X Spot shines brightly with a 170 W LED light source in a 16° beam angle for crisp gobo projections in a range of eight beautiful colors.


MA onPC Command Wing is a small and mobile desktop controller with 2048 parameters when using it with free grandMA2 onPC software. It has 2 DMX outputs, as well as the ability to send 2 DMX outputs via the Ethernet network. The use of grandMA2 onPC software has never been easier. A simple USB connection between the MA onPC command wing and the computer on which grandMA2 onPC software runs, the user has control of all inputs/outputs on the grandMA2 console. It is also possible to add more faders by linking the MA onPC fader wing to the MA onPC command wing. The MA onPC fader wing provides you with 2048 parameters and four DMX lines.