The Control Video Wall for the China Railway Signal and Communication Co.

China Railway Signal and Communication Co., the world’s largest provider of rail transportation control systems has decided to establish its business premises and a system laboratory in Belgrade to better serve the needs of its foreign clients.

  • Client: kontrolni-video-zid-za-kompaniju-china-railway-signal-communication-crsc
  • Date of project: 2019

The new system laboratory is designed to provide train operation control systems for the Hungary-Serbia railway. It is the first laboratory for high-speed train operation control system to be built overseas by a Chinese company.


Our company has been engaged by CRSC to design and install the video wall in the 4x3 configuration. The video wall will serve to display parameters of the railway infrastructure.


The dimensions of the video wall are 486cm x 206cm. It is made of the professional 55" monitors with a 3.5mm bezel. Monitors are intended and designed to work 24/7 with sufficient brightness and contrast for perfectly clear images. A set of supporting wall mounts and mechanical accessories with a mechanism for pulling out the monitor for service and maintenance, which in addition allows for the fine adjustment of the bezel, have also been delivered.


A computer with application software and a corresponding number of outputs of 4K resolution is used to control the system. For the distribution of 4K signals, high quality ATEN HDMI cables with Ethernet are used, which guarantees uncompromised signal transmission.


In addition to the video wall, an audio system is provided, too. It consists of 3-way RCF MQ 100L-W, loudspeaker with the wide horizontal coverage angle (180°) and the vertical dispersion (60°) which allows the correct sound reproduction in a wide space, in order to limit feedback and improve the sound directivity


After the installation, system setup and its setting to operation, our team also carried out the training of the client’s technical staff.