Sound and light system for The Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade

The Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade is an accredited private faculty that has educated many successful artists recognized not only in this region, but also in the world's most important art centers.

  • Client: The Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2019

They have had a request for us this summer to get sound and lighting for the stage in order to enable students during practical teaching to work on new audiovisual technologies.


So, we have delivered the following Chauvet LED lighting fixtures:


- EVE E-100Z  – a powerful spot fixture with a zoom angle of 14° to 30° and warm white LED light source. The framing shutters make it simple to control beams.

- EVE F-50Z – LED Fresnel Fixture with the lights manual 17-50° zoom. The EVE F-50Z comes with barn doors to adjust for tuning light coverage.

- EVE P-130RGB – a robust RGB wash light with 40 diodes and 130W power. Interchangeable magnetic lenses of 25° to 45° are included to alter the beam to desired angles.

The supplied lighting fixtures can be placed on the floor or floor standing stands with a cross bar CH-06 or by hanging on the structure with the appropriate hooks and cables that we also supplied.


A smaller lighting desk is supplied for lighting control.


The sound system consists of an active two-way array system RCF J8MIX composed of satellites that have 8x2" drivers and 1x12" subwoofer. It has 1400 Watt 2-way power with an integrated 8-channel mixer. The sound speakers are made using RCF's advanced FiR filtering technology that produces transparent sound, absolute precision and a perfect stereo image for every listener. Full control of the 8-channel mixer is provided via the free RCF EVOX J app. The app allows you to navigate between pages and fully control the mixer’s parameters.

We have supplied the client also with Audix OM2 dynamic vocal microphones with hyper cardioid directionality which have clear and accurate sound reproduction, resistant to feedback.

The complete system is connected with quality AES/EBU DMX cables, Sommer Cable microphone cables and Hicon connectors.

After the successful installation, we trained technical stuff to manage the supplied sound and light system.

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