Aluminum Truss and Rail System for The Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade

The Faculty of Contemporary Arts (abbreviated FSU in Serbian) is the first privately owned faculty of performing and applied arts in the region, with a tradition of over 20 years. As member of the large LINKgroup international educational alliance, it offers its students the highest quality of artistic education - a unique blend of arts and new technologies.

  • Client: The Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2022

In order to successfully organize theatre plays and other performing activities during the summer, the management of the faculty decided to open a summer stage. The idea was to transform the room with the roller doors facing the courtyard into a stage, while the courtyard would be a space intended for the auditorium.


Since the implementation of this interesting project also required equipment from our professional product portfolio, FSU authorities contacted our company.

LITEC 10 x 5m aluminum truss has been provided for hanging stage equipment without the risk of its bending due to the attached load. It is made of 290mm square grid segments and attached to a metal roof structure. The appropriate diameter and pipe wall thickness, as well as the high-performance aluminum alloy from which they are made, meet all safety standards. Appropriate accessories for connecting the structure have also been supplied.

All construction elements have relevant certificates in compliance with the standards for this type of equipment. It is very important for the safe organization of events at the faculty.

The manually operated rail system for moving the front and back curtains is also mounted on the latticed aluminum construction. The system is easy to install, so there was no problem during installation. The profile is made of 30 mm aluminum tube with a simple assembly of a trolley for carrying curtains.

The same structure is also used for hanging the Chauvet LED lighting system that we delivered to the faculty, which we have already written about.


The supplied equipment will facilitate the implementation of various performances and events for employees and students of FSU, as well as enrich the audience’s experience while enjoying the cultural events in a pleasant summer environment.


Photo: FSU/Facebook