Video presentation system for the Emergency Center of Serbia

The Emergency Center of the Clinical Center of Serbia started operating in 1987 and has never been closed since, even during periods of reconstruction. Today, it represents the highest level of unity of clinics and health centers and professional services of urgent pathology in the area of Belgrade and the Republic of Serbia.

  • Client: The Emergency Center of Serbia
  • Date of project: 2019

We got the opportunity to "get to know" this institution thanks to the cooperation with the company ENP System from Belgrade, which was engaged in the delivery of audio and video equipment and installation. Our job specifically consisted of providing reliable equipment in the amphitheater where lectures for medical students are held, with the transmission of videos from the operating room. The delivered equipment meets the highest standards in terms of the image and sound quality.

SONY VPL-PHZ10 laser projector was delivered for the amphitheater, which projects 292x183cm image on a high-quality motorized projection screen. The projector resolution is WUXGA. The projector features a constant brightness of 5,000 lumens thanks to a laser light source with a lifespan of 20,000 hours. There is also an automatic filter cleaning system as well as the feature of quick on/off, just in few seconds, which allows the presentation to start almost immediately.

Sony's patented BrightEra 3LCD technology creates extremely clear, high-contrast, saturated color images with a multitude of details, which is extremely important for displaying medical images via a portable HD document camera.

The central device of the video system through which the AV signal is distributed from the computer, the camera document and the external video source is the Aten VS482 switch. The distribution of audio and video signals from the podium between the presentation computer and the projector is done via HDMI wired automatic switch between HDMI&VGA input signals based on HDBaseT technology Aten VE2812T which is connected to the projector via a single network cable. The central part of the audio system is the XILICA U0808 digital DSP audio processor with 8 inputs and 8 outputs to which Audix ADX18 condenser microphones are connected on a gooseneck. The microphones are mounted on the speaker via anti-vibration shock mount. Wireless microphone systems with an Audix AP41 HT2 headset microphone for the speaker and an Audix AP41 OM2 handheld transmitter for the dialogue with the audience were installed. The volume in the amphitheater can be adjusted via a wall-mounted programmable panel with a rotary knob built into the speaker.

Column speakers were delivered, too – ideal for high-intelligibility speech reproduction in acoustically demanding environments and also suitable for music reproduction with a wide horizontal beam angle for good amphitheater coverage.