Sound system for PUBeraj in Novi Sad

In the heart of Novi Sad, tucked between a barber shop and a women's hair salon, PUBeraj represents one of the favorite pubs in this city. The main idea in its creation was to combine the beauty and the usefulness in one place. So with a perfect beard styling and hairdressing in the latest fashion trends, during the day you can enjoy a cup of high quality coffee, and later a great night out.

  • Client: PUBeraj, Novi Sad
  • Date of project: 2019

The popular pub hosts gigs and DJ parties almost every day, which requires adequately designed and installed sound system to complete the atmosphere for the guests. That is why the management of PUBeraj contacted us in order to equip the bar with the latest audio technology and equipment.

d&b audiotechnik sound system was delivered for this purpose consisting of 2 two-system passive loudspeakers 24S with rotating horn, passive subwoofer 21S and 4-channel audio amplifier 30D AMP with DSP processing.

The system is characterized by an enviable sound quality and its possibilities reach their peak in the evening when the pub is transformed into a nightclub. The authenticity of the sound that the installed d&b sound system reproduces is especially emphasized during hosting the DJs with their high quality recordings.


Simply without competition


Although some of the sound system manufacturers can boast of similar products on the market, d&b audiotechnik is the absolute winner when it comes to the ratio of the size of the loudspeaker and the sound pressure it produces. Another of its advantages is that it evenly distributes the sound throughout the space, so all the guests can equally enjoy it, regardless of where they are at the moment.