Litec EXE chain hoists for DK Light

Stage rental company DK Light from Temerin has been successfully renting audiovisual equipment for many years. In order to further improve the safety of the installed equipment during AV supporting an event, the company decided to invest in the purchase of LITEC EXE chain hosts and hired us for the job.

  • Client: DK Light
  • Date of project: 2019

They bought Litec EXE Rise chain hosts with a working load limit of 1000 kg (six pieces) and 500 kg (two pieces) with a safety factor of 8:1 FEM class 2 m, double brake and direct control via a controller. Procurement of EXE Rise chain hosts in the D8+ standard will certainly contribute to a higher level of safety while working on live events.


The FEM Hoist Duty class 2m indicates that the hoist can be operated at a constant load for 24 minutes in one hour. It also can start as many as 240 times in the same time frame, which will meet all the needs of this rental company for lifting loads.

The body of the device is made from cast aluminum and the lifting speed is 4 m/min. The device’s body weight for the 500kg load model is 24 kg, while for the 1000kg model it is 43 kg, which makes them extremely light in its class.

The hoists are delivered with a 20 m long chain, an adequate chain bag for its storage and transfer, as well as a socket on the cable type CEE4x16A.

The chain bag bracket allows the hoist to be used motor up or down. The design ensures the bag is positioned correctly to accept chain without the need for any adjustment, reducing the chance of chain spills. External chain guide made from a special PVC material is used to minimize the chance of chain jamming. This “sacrificial plate” helps protecting both the chain and internal chain guides.

The hoist has a very low operational noise, with just 67.5 dB, which makes the EXE 30% more silent than other leading brands, which is very important in theatres, as well as in TV studios.


A service booklet and a certificate of compliance with the valid EU and Serbian standards for this type of equipment are delivered for each hoist.