Portable Stage with the equipment for the Municipality of Bojnik

Bojnik is a village and municipality located in the Jablanica District of southern Serbia. Although it is far from the most important main roads, Bojnik represents a natural connection of the northwestern part of the Leskovac valley with the municipalities of Leskovac, Lebane and Medvedja. Its greatest potentials are water, agriculture, deposits of non-metallic raw materials, as well as the development of tourism.

  • Client: The Municipality of Bojnik
  • Date of project: 2021

In order to develop manifestation tourism and to hold concerts, performances and similar events in the municipality of Bojnik in the best possible way, the EU tender was announced by IPA funds for the procurement of a portable stage with trussing and additional equipment. After successful participation, AVL Projekt was given the opportunity to deliver, install and put into operation a system consisting of a stage, aluminum construction, audio and lighting equipment.


IMPRESS, the name of the project, refers to the management of investments for the

preservation of cultural heritage in the border territory of Bulgaria and Serbia.


Portable stage with trussing


The portable stage (7x6 m) with telescopic square legs is intended for both indoor and outdoor use. The dimensions of one stage segment (panel) with an aluminum frame are 200x100 cm. The upper layer of the platform is made of waterproof and fireproof marine plywood with a non-slip surface. Each platform frame is equipped with leg corners and an accessory for connecting the platform and the legs, which guarantees safety and reliability during the events and the vibrations that occur during performance. Appropriate adjustable stairs with handrails and safety railings are also supplied with the platform.

The stage is certified for a load of 750 kg/m2 and the maximum weight of one segment is 35 kg.

The stage segment has a TUV certificate which confirms the specified parameters.


LITEC square aluminum lattice construction with a PVC cover of 750x600cm is designed for hanging stage equipment without the risk of bending due to load. It is made of square-shaped aluminum lattice segments. Appropriate accessories for connecting the structure were also supplied. All its elements have the appropriate compliant with the relevant standards for this kind of equipment.


Sound system


The sound system consists of active 2-way array speakers RCF NXL 44-A with three 10" neodymium woofers and 1.4" drivers. All components are seamlessly matched to provide uniform coverage of the space. They are controlled via a built-in DSP thanks to which they deliver natural sound and a high SPL suitable for professional live event sound. The RCF SUB 8004-AS subwoofer is one of the most powerful 18" subwoofers in the professional sound category. With D-Class amplifiers they provide excellent performance while being efficient and light weight.


The part of the audio system is also wireless microphone system Audix AP61 OM2 with 2,560 adjustable frequencies and a bandwidth of 64MHz. It has the function of automatically scanning the frequency band to find the free frequency. Thanks to this it always guarantees high-quality signal reception without interference.


The control of the sound system is performed by RCF L-PAD 24CX USB 24-channel mixing console with effects with 18 Mic/Line inputs, 4 stereo and group outputs, EQ, 8 individually controlled compressors and built-in effects. It is applicable during live events, but it also has a USB port for PC audio recording and playback.


Lighting system


Chauvet EVE E-100Z profile zoom light fixtures with zoom angle of 14 to 30° and made in LED technology have been provided to illuminate the stage. These powerful lights feature 100 W warm white LED light source, as well as DMX protocol. Built-in quality shutters make it simple to control beams according to the wishes of the light designer. The brightness of the light source is 15,000 lux at 2 m at 14° angle. Chauvet EVE F-50Z fresnels featuring adjustable angularity from 17° to 50° with additional shutters for directing the light beam are also supplied. Chauvet SLIMBANK T18 USB LED wash light with shutters, representing a device with an excellent price-quality ratio, are intended for painting the stage. They feature 18 x 3W tricolor RGB diodes and beam angle of 17°. Control is performed in a simple way via the supplied Chauvet IRC-6 remote control. It has a USB port with the possibility of connecting an additional USB adapter for wireless transmission of DMX signals from the control device.

All supplied light fixtures are 100% noiseless.


After the installation, our expert team carried out the training of technical staff of the project client and performed a simulation of the concert event.