Intelligent Light System for TV Pink

The Pink Television started broadcasting in 1994 and in a short time it became the leading commercial TV station on the Serbian broadcast market. It is well known for its many different types of programs which are broadcast via numerous TV Pink channels – entertainment, music, talk shows, news.

  • Client: TV Pink
  • Date of project: 2021

As part of preparing for the new TV show, the management of the TV Pink and PFI studios sent us a request for presenting to them an intelligent mobile lighting system in the Pink’s studio complex in Šimanovci near Belgrade.


The presentation, at which Maverick and Rogue series were presented, was attended by professionals in image quality and management of lighting resources: PFI Rental Director Dragan Gravara, Deputy Director of PFI Rental Miloš Jeremić and Directors of Photography at TV Pink Nenad Serafijanović and Nenad Stojković Piksi. The presentation covered various aspects of comparing lighting fixtures, as well as testing the performances. The technical specifications of the spotlights with actual characteristics were checked using two colour meters, Sekonic C800 and Sekonic C700. The analysis and testing proved that the technical characteristics from the specification matched the measurement results in actual environment.


As the interest of the professionals from TV Pink was based primarily on the flexibility and multi-functionality of lighting fixtures, the biggest impression was made by the Maverick Silens 2 Profile LED moving head. Its CRI >95 was rated as the biggest advantage due to the possibility of being used both as the front light and for creation of effects by the directors of photography. In addition, a four-blade framing shutter system with rotation provides additional flexibility when it is necessary to accent a specific person. Being truly fanless head, its silent operation allows for recording completely natural sound so important in the broadcast.


In addition to the mobile lighting fixtures, spotlights were also needed for washing the set, stage, for creating effects or as an additional front light. So, Maverick MK3 Wash and its "little brother" Maverick MK2 Wash were presented. These wash spotlights use LED light source with RGBW diodes with a power of 40 W. They also feature a large zoom range for variable beam sizes (5.2° - 65.1°).


To achieve the most impressive effects, beam fixture with the narrowest possible beam and high light intensity were needed, in order to see the effects as well as possible. For this purpose, a new product from Chauvet was presented, Rogue R3 Beam, which features one of the narrowest light beams on the market of only 0.8°. Rogue R3 Beam light output is over 208,000 lux at 15 meters. As an exceptional advantage of this beam, the director of photography Nenad Serafijanović pointed out the diameter of the output lens of 153 mm, and the director of rental, Dragan Gravara, a light source with a 300 W Ushio lamp and a lifespan of an incredible 8,000 hours. Therefore, the maintenance costs are significantly lower compared to other light fixtures brands on the market.


After the presentation, the authorities of TV Pink made the decision to procure all the presented lighting fixtures.


In addition to innovating the lighting system, TV Pink also innovated the lighting controls. The main advantage of the delivered lighing consoles is their ability to control many DMX universes in combination with the existing system.


Considering all the performances of the delivered Chauvet lighting fixtures and consoles, it is safe to say that TV Pink is completely ready for the new autumn projects, and the audience will certainly enjoy it.