Video presentation system for the Magna Seating production plant in Aleksinac

Magna Seating is one of the leaders when it comes to automotive engineering and design. It is engaged in the production and development of components used in the automotive industry, as well as the design of cars from the world's most famous manufacturers.

  • Client: Magna Seating
  • Date of project: 2021

The management of the company hired AVL Projekt to design and equip the production plant of car seat covers in Aleksinac with a modern video presentation system intended for training the employees.


The video presentation system consists of 4 laser projectors with motorized screens and signal distribution from one place. The dimensions of the projected image are 264 x 165 cm. The projection screens are properly positioned in the factory at a height of 3.5 m to be visible to all employees.

The signal is distributed via HDMI HDBaseT transmitter and Infobit E70C-T S/FTP Cat6 network cable. This cable transmits audio, video and control signal of HD resolution at 70 m and 4K resolution at 40 m without quality loss and provides simple and centralized control of connected devices via two-way communication of IR and RS232 signals.

When it comes to price-quality ratio, small dimensioned and light weight Sony VPL-PHZ60 laser projector is the right choice.

Impressive 6,000 lumen image brightness provides excellent visibility even at higher levels of ambient light in the factory, and thanks to the intelligent adjustment function that allows control of several parameters (color, lighting, noise of ventilator) the projector performances are maximized.

The Bright View function further enhances the lighting in areas with higher levels of ambient light, while the Contrast Ratio (full white/full black) oo:1 provides an extremely sharp image. The projector features saturated colors, as well as flexible installation options due to -35% / + 55% vertical lens shift range.

HDBaseT input allows for easy transmission of AV signals via a network cable without interference of electromagnetic radiation and is characterized by small dimensions and weight.

Due to the Z-Phosphor laser light source, the projector requires virtually no maintenance, and its minimum service life is 20,000 hours.

We successfully solved the challenge posed by the installation of mechanical projector brackets at a height of 10 m in the factory plant, which required the rental of an electric crane. Members of our installation team, with the use of protective equipment during work and possession of a permit to work at height, performed the installation in its entirety without any problems.


The implemented video presentation solution has fully satisfied the client's requirements, due to which the training of workers in production will surely become a common and simple activity.