Audio-Visual Systems for the Great Hall of The Assembly of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina

The Assembly of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the Provincial Government are housed in a building known as the Banovina. It was built in the period 1936-1940 and consists of two buildings, a larger and a smaller one. The Provincial Government with the provincial administrative bodies is in the larger building, and the Assembly is sitting in the smaller building and its Great Hall.

  • Client: The Assembly of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina
  • Date of project: 2020

Although the building is of quite some age, the work inside is carried out in a technologically modern way. Namely, the Assembly of AP Vojvodina digitized its work through the E-Parliament platform, which enabled more efficient implementation of business processes, management of documents and accompanying content, as well as a greater degree of transparency in work, and better data protection. For the full implementation of the platform, which is used during the sessions in the Great Hall, it was necessary to provide the new multi-purpose AV equipment.


After successfully participating in the public procurement, AVL Projekt was given the opportunity to deliver, install and put into operation the following systems:


1. Conference system

2. System for Simultaneous Translation

3. Sound system

4. Video recording system

5. Video presentation system

6. Audio-visual equipment for the Club of Deputies


The Conference System


During the session of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina, the conference system identifies MPs and other participants, and at the same time provides audio support to the discussions of the participants of the session behind the podium or from the parliamentary seats. It is also used to manage discussions at various gatherings and conferences, independently of the E-Parliament platform.

The delivered system with appropriate built-in conference units covers a total of 166 seats in the Great Hall: 156 seats in the benches, 7 seats for vice presidents, 1 seat for the president at the chairman's table, 1 seat for the Secretary General of the AP Vojvodina Assembly and 1 seat for the rostrum.


Televic’s built-in Confidea F-DIV delegate units feature an integrated high-quality condenser gooseneck microphone with light indicator in the form of a ring which shows whether the microphone is on or off, an ID card reader and a speaker. Each unit also has a connector for dynamic headphones which allows for hearing the simultaneous translation with a channel selector: basic tone (floor), six languages ​​(Serbian and five languages ​​of national minorities), two additional foreign languages, as well as adjusting the signal strength.


The software package to support the operation of the conference system contains a module for identifying ID cards and is also used for their programming.


The delegate units also have a button for registering for a discussion, i.e. turning on the microphone with a light indication of accepting the command, which is a convenient feature for using the system at meetings and conferences.

The connection of delegate units to the network infrastructure was performed via an S / FTP Cat6a cable and an RJ-45 connector, ensuring the smooth operation of the rest of the system in the event of failure of any delegate unit in the system.


Simultaneous translation


For the needs of guests sitting in places where there are no built-in delegate units, an infrared system for wireless transmission of simultaneous translation was delivered – with 30 IR and battery operating receiver units Televic Lingua R12, with headphones and a case for transporting and charging the receivers.


Televic Lingua ID translation desks are installed in four existing translation booths located in the Great Hall gallery. They feature a connector for a translation gooseneck microphone connector, an integrated speaker for monitoring the basic tone, buttons for activating and deactivating the microphone, a language selector displayed on the built-in LCD screen, a dynamic headphone jack, a headphone and microphone headphone jack, as well as the local control of sound levels on the speaker and headphones.


Sound system


The installed audio system supports speech within the Great Hall and the Parliamentary Club, and, if necessary, can be used for the reproduction of audio recordings during the realization of multimedia presentations.

Xilica A0808 digital audio mixer is ​​the basis of an audio system that provides capture, basic processing, switching and distribution of all audio signals in the hall. Installed speaker systems, mounted on the left and right side of the chairman, have the ability to control the direction of the audio signal distribution which provides excellent coverage of the hall.

The supplied wireless microphone systems with a hand-held transmitter and a lavalier are intended primarily for lectures and presentations when the speaker moves outside the speaker's area and the chairman's desk.

Radial EXO-POD audio distribution amplifiers are provided for local distribution of audio signals for journalists who follow the course of the session.


Audio-visual equipment for the Club of Deputies


The sound system in the Club of Deputies consists of an independent audio mixer with amplifier and built-in MP3 player from USB, i.e. SD card, which provides sound transmission from the Great Hall, as well as playback of quiet ambient music during the Assembly session. There are also 10 wall-mounted speakers on the poles and one attenuator at the entrance for adjustment of the appropriate sound level.


Video recording system


The video recording system is intended for recording and displaying the participants in the discussion during the sessions of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina. It will also be used during the organization of gatherings, conferences and other events in the Great Hall. The recording and displaying is realized using four PTZ cameras with the appropriate selector, controller, computer and software. The cameras and the control software package supplied with them are connected to the central conference unit and enable positioning and framing according to the programmed pre-sets for each delegate seat. At the same time, two cameras are simultaneously positioned towards each delegate's seat. The control of cameras from a remoted computer is performed via the appropriate KVM extender Aten CE820.


Video presentation system


The video presentation system in the Great Hall enables the display of voting results and other information, statistics related to the course and topics of the Assembly session, images of participants in the discussion, presentations and other multimedia content.

The system includes two video walls mounted behind the chairman's desk, to his left and right. They are installed in a 2x2 configuration, with four professional 55” LCD monitors, and with an overall dimensions per video wall of 243x137 cm. They are designed to work in 24/7 mode.

65'' Sony FW-65BZ35F LCD monitors are supplied to display the image in the entrance hall, gallery, press room and parliamentary club. These professional monitors feature 4K resolution, a brightness of 620 cd/m2 with a built-in sensor for automatic brightness control depending on the ambient light and are designed to work in 24/7 mode. Monitors can work in PRO mode, which offers the option of "locking" selected functions, which prevents unauthorized access.


The described audio-visual system also includes a control system with a tablet that can be accessed wirelessly. On the tablet itself, there is an application with predefined audio/video pre-sets (scenarios) through which the parameters of the system can be changed through the intuitive graphical interface according to the user's wishes.


The complete installation of all the systems was done with Sommer Cable halogen free cables with maximum protection against possible RF interference.


After the installation was completed, our team organized training of the client's technical staff for the management of this complex audio-visual system.