Transparent LED display and video wall for Erste Bank

Combining the best experiences from the two worlds, physical and digital, Erste Bank opened a new branch in Belgrade in May 2021 and equipped it with digital solutions and technologies that make business easier and faster, thus reducing customers’ waiting time.

  • Client: Erste Bank
  • Date of project: 2021

The new branch is focused on consultancy concept with the goal to enable the client to make the best financial decisions. In modernly equipped premises, clients have more space and time to talk to banking consultants about their financial needs and plans.


As part of the modern digital solutions, a transparent LED display was installed in the bank’s shop window, while an interactive video wall with a corresponding video processor for displaying large images was implemented inside.

Nexnovo transparent LED display is positioned next to the glass, allowing light to pass inside the building. With its modern frameless design, it fits perfectly in the shop window. It is characterized by 78% transparency, high resolution, dimensions 325x200 cm and brightness up to 5,000 nits, which allows easy visibility of messages even in the highest direct sunlight. It works without any image flicker, and color calibration is also performed.

85" Sony FWD-85X80H/T professional high-brightness video wall operates in 18/7 mode and offers the ability to display one large or multiple single images. An IR frame intended for broadcasting interactive content for children is placed on the lower monitor.

Infobit iWALL 409R video processor/controller enables image display on various video wall configurations, as well as operation without window blue screen, virus risk, OS vulnerabilities and malfunctions, thus saving users' IT resources. The distribution of AV signals from processors to professional monitors is done via high-quality active Infobit AOC-HDMI-DD40L HDMI cables that transmit image and sound without loss of quality at a distance of 40 m maximum.


After the installation and setting the system into operation, our expert team performed an adequate training of client's technical stuff to work on the installed equipment.