Audio-Visual Systems for The Conference Hall of The Serbian Football Association Sports Centre

The Serbian Football Association Sports Centre in Stara Pazova, a small town in the province of Vojvodina, is one of the best equipped football centres in Europe. In addition to domestic and international sports selections, the center provides accommodation, as well as the organization of seminars and similar events also to other business entities and various organizations.

  • Client: The Conference Hall of The Serbian Football Association Sports Centre
  • Date of project: 2020

In order for the sessions of the Football Association, the press conferences, as well as the corporate events in the Sports Centre to be as well organized as possible, it was necessary to equip the rooms where these are held with adequate and reliable work equipment. So, Tončev gradnja, a construction company that managed the whole project, hired AVL Projekt to design and install modern AV system for the Conference Hall.


The following audio-visual systems have been installed in the multifunctional hall:


Conference system


The conference system consists of 26 wired conference units for delegates and chairpersons. The delegate units Televic D-CERNO DL feature an integrated 50 cm gooseneck microphone with a LED light ring indicator, a touch switch to take part include in the discussion, a built-in speaker volume controller and headphone jack. The central control unit Televic D-CERNO CUR enables recording of conference content on a USB drive, and it also has an integrated web server in order to be controlled via tablets or computers. Connecting the conference units to the network infrastructure was performed via S/FTP Cat6a cable and RJ-45 connectors, while additionally ensuring the smooth operation of the rest of the system in case of failure of any delegate unit in the system.


Video presentation system


The video presentation system consists of professional monitors Sony FW-55BZ35F, laser projector Sony VPL-FHZ75 and motorized projection screen. The delivered professional monitors feature 4K resolution and brightness of 620 cd/m2. They have a built-in sensor for automatic lighting control depending on the ambient light and are designed to work in 24/7 mode. Monitors offer the possibility of working in Pro mode, i.e. the option of locking selected monitor functions, which prevents unauthorized access. The 3LCD laser projector has a light output of 6500 lm with a motorized zoom lens and a projection ratio of 1.39-2.23: 1 and WUXGA resolution (1920x1200). The life of the delivered laser source is 20,000 hours, and there are practically no maintenance costs. The projector has an intelligent system with predefined projector parameters (pre-sets) for different types of projections for conference rooms, museums or live events.


Audio-video distribution system


The audio-video distribution system consists of a central HDMI video matrix switch 8x8 Aten VM0808HA. It supports 4K resolution signal transmission and EDID function for distribution of optimal resolution towards monitors together with HDMI HDBaseT signal extenders, via Aten VE801 network cable. Input AV signals are sent to the matrix switch from terminal boxes built into the table from where the video signal is further distributed to monitors and projectors, and the audio signal to the RCF DPS 604X amplifier and the built-in ceiling speakers. The sound system also includes Audix AP41 BP wireless microphone system with lavaliere, as well as Radial EXO-POD audio distribution amplifiers for the distribution of audio signals to journalists who follow the conference.


Wireless control system


By means of the wireless control system, and the accompanying tablet, the appropriate AV input to the system is selected from the table and motorized projection screen and curtains controlled.  Aten VK2100K2 controller is a central part of the system. It offers the possibility of creating an intuitive graphical interface according to the user's desire to quickly change the defined parameters of the audio-visual system. In case of tablet failure, the Aten VK112EU wall controller is installed, which activates predefined scenarios by pressing one of the 12 buttons.


All microphone, speaker, video and command installations are done with Sommer Cable halogen free cables with maximum protection against possible RF interference.


After the installation was completed, our team trained the client's technical personnel to manage the AV system.