Acoustic panels for the studio at Ninamedia

Ninamedia is an agency engaged in monitoring and analysis of media content for almost two decades. Over the years it has became the leader in market and public opinions research, interpreting services, audio and video production, event organization, digital marketing, creation and management of social networks.

  • Client: Acoustic panels for the studio at Ninamedia
  • Date of project: 2020

Since the scope of business is improving every day, company has recently decided to adapt the company's business premises. The two rooms have been turned into studios for recording offs, voice overs and voices for audio and video production. To prevent reflections and flutter echoes during audio recording, the company's management contacted us to equip both studios with acoustic panels which would “calm” the space, absorb the standing sound waves and reduce the reverberation time.

High quality Primacoustic acoustic panels made of high density fiberglass (96kg/m³) have been delivered and installed, offering almost five times higher absorption than standard panels that can be found on the market. In this way, the client is enabled to provide greater absorption with fewer panels, as well as a simultaneous uniform absorption curve over the entire frequency range. Acoustic panels are designed in a modern way, which does not disturb the interior of the space in which they are mounted. Thanks to the panel mounting accessories, their installation is quick and easy. In addition, they are very light, non-flammable and impact resistant.


The use of acoustic panels in practice is multiple, and can be applied in the following categories:


• professional audio (recording studio, broadcast & podcast, voice-over, home studio);

• education (classrooms, auditoriums, distance learning, music lectures);

• relaxation at home (home cinema, home sound systems);

• business premises (call centers, meeting rooms, video conferences);

• churches and other religious buildings;

• catering facilities (restaurants, night clubs and cafeterias);

• large spaces for organizing events (sports halls, arenas and congress halls);

• facilities intended for sports, entertainment and cultural events (bowling alleys, casinos and theaters).


In addition to Primacoustic equipment, Audix CX112B condenser studio microphone with a large diaphragm was supplied for sound recording, while iConnectivity AUDIO2/4 sound card was delivered to connect the microphone and software.

For the sound control during recording, we have provided studio headphones and 2-way active studio monitors RCF Ayra PRO6 through which the final sound mix is made.

The installed acoustic panels, as well as the professional sound system fully meet the needs of our client, enabling the recording of high-quality audio recordings in studios.


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