Cinema Projector With Motorized 3D System for the City Theater in Becej

The City Theater in Becej is a cultural institution founded by the City Council of Becej. In addition to theatre plays, it organizes gallery shows, music and literature events and movie projections as well. All kinds of cultural workshops for all ages are also held regularly.

  • Client: The City Theater in Becej
  • Date of project: 2020

With the help of funds received from the Film Center of Serbia and the local government, City Theater in Becej has announced a public procurement for equipping the projection hall with the modern digital equipment.

This news made the fans of the film art from Becej and its surroundings very happy, since the cinema in this city did not exist for many years and showing the movies was additionally slowed down by the need for constant rental of equipment. Namely, for the past eight years The City Theatre Becej successfully projected movies, both commercial and non-commercial, by renting the equipment. Since the projections were very well attended, the authorities decided to purchase one of its own. 


About the project of the movie theatre digitalization


Christie CP2308 digital cinema projector was delivered, with the lamp as a light source. It features brightness of 9000 lumens, DLP technology, 2K resolution (2048x1080 pixels) and a contrast of 1700:1. A built-in media server has a capacity of 8TB disks in RAID5 configuration with a suitable motorized zoom lens obtained from the calculation of the lens and brightness for 2D, or the appropriate type of 3D projection, for the given parameters of projection distance, screen type and projected image dimensions, all of which confirmed to the client the compliance with the DCI standard. Five matching bulbs were also delivered allowing for 6.000 hours of operation.

Christie CP2308 features a touch monitor that, together with a built-in automation controller, provides easy playback, scheduling and management of cinema content. The device supports HFR 2K@120fps/4K@30 fps projections.

Except for 3D connector for synchronizing 3D content views, it also has two HDMI connectors necessary to present content from a computer or movies from a BluRay player, since the purpose of the hall is multifunctional, and it will be used not only for cinemas but also for other activities, such as presentations and theatre performances. The delivered UPS will be used to power the electronics that controls the cooling of the lamp in case of power failure, whereas a hose with a duct fan will remove heat from the technical control room.

The supplied projector stand on wheels allows height adjustments with safety brakes and at the same time represents a 19" rack for storing additional equipment (audio cinema processor, UPS, NAS, amplifier, etc.). Also, a 16-channel Dolby audio cinema processor was delivered, which connects itself to the media server built into the projector via two RJ-45 connectors.

For the best movie projection quality, a high-quality projection screen with a frame and binding laces were delivered which tighten it evenly so that the image would not be “disturbed” by visible folds. The screen is suitable for both front 2D and passive 3D projections, as well as special 3D effects.

For a complete cinema experience, we delivered an XPAND motorized 3D system with 300 glasses of different sizes for children and adults. Switching between 2D and 3D projection takes place automatically, by selecting a movie in the appropriate format via the touch screen. The polarizing modulator is intended for passive 3D projections and is characterized by 3D technology Pi-Cell, efficiency of 15% and compatibility with HFR.

The challenge for our team of installers during this project was to reposition the existing light system for the headlight and its successful readjustment, in order to enable quality projection on the screen.

After the installation was completed and the system was put into operation, our experienced team trained two people from the technical service of the client for successful system operation.