Sound and Light system for the TAKT Association

The Art Colony TAKT from Temerin is a youth creative colony created in the mid-seventies and is engaged in the field of visual culture. TAKT's vision is to nurture art and get to know its new qualities in today's hectic world, with a pronounced generational complement.

  • Client: TAKT Association
  • Date of project: 2020

In 2003, TAKT founded Tajhaz, a rustic-looking ethnic house with a thatched roof and wooden facade, as well as old objects, which testifies to the life of Hungarians in this area. TAKT later founded an ethnographic section which, in addition to taking care of the ethnic house, collects, processes and preserves spiritual and material cultural treasures from the territory of the municipality. In addition to regular thematic and ethnographic exhibitions, the members of the section also organize dances of original, authentic folklore, as well as reviews of books published with ethnographic themes. In order to perform artistic activities and workshops throughout the year, another, house for creativity was built in the yard of the ethno house. The new building has a richly equipped art studio (graphic press, electric potter's wheel, electric ceramic oven), which provides excellent creative terms for a dozen young TAKT academics.

There was a need to equip the new building with lighting and audio equipment, in order to complete its capabilities.


The Supplied Lighting and Sound system


AVL Projekt supplied Chauvet EVE-TF20 LED spotlights with a light source of 20W and warm white color that fits perfectly into the gallery environment. The color temperature of 2700K, as well as high CRI>91 gives the art works a realistic note, thus emphasizing the artistic experience. The spotlights are supplied with barn doors for additional control of the light beam, so there is no unnecessary scattering around the art works. The lighting fixtures can be mounted on rails, as well as easy movement and changing the position of each individual spotlight depending on the setting and the artwork that needs to be illuminated. Also, these powerful lighting fixtures have the ability of dimming via a conventional dimmer, so that the intensity of the light that illuminates a certain work of art would not be too strong.

Since the art colony also had a need for a portable sound system, we delivered RCF EVOX JMIX8 and RCF EVOX J8 speakers. The EVOX J series of speakers has retained all the features of the original EVOX systems in a portable and compact edition. The system features excellent audio performance and delivers clear vocals and fantastic sound response. FiRPHASE filters enable consistent sound distribution without phase distortion, while the D-Class amplifiers are responsible for impressive audio performance. They have the ability to produce a high SPL and can be assembled very easily - in just three steps. Also, JMIX8 speakers feature built-in mixers, which greatly simplifies their operation. Thus, using the special RCF EVOX J application and Bluetooth® technology, it is possible to connect to the mixer from any smartphone (Android, IOS) and control the sound with remote access.


We are sure that the performance of the delivered lighting and audio equipment will justify the expectations not only of the competent persons of the art colony, but also of the artists themselves.