DiGiCo-Klang-Waves system for Branko Koprivica

Branko Koprivica is our famous musician and guitarist whose riffs have been an inevitable part of Zdravko Colic’s concerts for the past 10 years. He is the owner of a successful music studio and a restaurant and someone who deeply appreciates the most modern and high-performance audio equipment for achieving the best possible sound.

  • Client: Branko Koprivica
  • Date of project: 2020

In the rich music career, Branko Koprivica, in addition to Zdravko Colic, has successfully collaborated with many famous artists of the Serbian music scene such as Aleksandra Radovic, Vlado Georgiev, Tijana Bogicevic and others, both on stage and in the studio.

Resulting from the long-term friendship and cooperation with pianist Aleksandar Banjac and singer Boris Režak, the band "Tri Rogata" was formed, without which the Novi Sad audience cannot imagine Tuesdays at Nacionalna klasa restaurant, and Belgrade fans Wednesdays at Lavash cafe.


Branko Koprivica has recently requested from us to design and create a complete professional audio system intended for high-quality mixing of audio material during live performances of the band and at studio recordings. So, we designed a system consisting of digital DiGiCo S21 audio consoles, Digico D rack stagebox, Digico Orange box converter, Klang Vier 3D In-ear processor and Waves Super Rack Extreme Combo Plug-ins.


DiGiCo-Klang-Waves system


DiGiCo S21 mixing console is the base of the system providing world-class sound and containing a whole arsenal of digital processing. The built-in USB 48-channel interface results in easy-to-use recording of any performance. The console features two touch screens that provide instant feedback and control over 20 simultaneous channels. Their advantage is that they provide plenty of visual space.


Two DiGiCo cards are built into the DiGiCo S21 console:


- DMI-MADI-C card is designed to connect the console and D rack stagebox via Cat6 cable;

- DMI-MADI-DANTE card is designed to connect the console to a Klang Vier 3D processor and an Orange box converter for converting Dante into SoundGrid protocol.


DMI-Dante and DMI-Waves cards are built in the Orange box.

Waves card allows the user to connect to a Waves extreme server, which processes all plug-ins in real-time and to a computer with SuperRack software which controls plug-in effects. The system also includes a wireless router that enables wireless control of S21 consoles and Klang devices via tablets. Multi-channel recording is performed via the USB port on the console, which is used to connect to a computer via a USB cable.


The challenge in designing the system was to devise a way to physically connect and network all the components as they use different protocols (Madi, Dante and SoundGrid) so that only the console with the stagebox and Klang-Waves rack would need to be connected on site. This is ultimately made possible by just a few cables. In this way, the time for connecting and commissioning is reduced to a minimum (plug & play), which provides musicians with more time and space for creative work. The parameters are fixed and set on all devices of the system.

Signal routing is set in S21 and further in the Dante controller and SuperRack software.

Waves hardware and software licenses are generated through Waves central software.


After the system was put into operation, the client was presented with the way it operates and with plug-in effects are used.

After all, we asked Branko for his opinion about the system. The classic interview turned into a small video testimony we called "Chat with Kopriva", which you can watch on our YouTube channel AVL PRO SHOP.