Lupo SUPERPANEL LED lights for Radio Television Vojvodina

Radio Television Vojvodina is a public media service of the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina and is headquartered in Novi Sad. RTV broadcasts programs in Serbian, as well as in the languages of national minorities.

  • Client: Radio Television Vojvodina
  • Date of project: 2020

In order to facilitate the work of ENG (Electronic News Gathering) RTV”s field crew needed to purchase adequate portable lighting which is portable and easy to handle.

For this purpose were delivered Lupo Superpaneli Dual Color with the possibility of battery operation.

Superpanels are the latest generation LED panels intended for photo and video shooting. They are equipped with 400 Surface Mount LEDs that emit a tremendous amount of uniform and surrounding light. The Superpanels can be conveniently used inside or outside the studio powered directly from the mains or using a standard V-lock battery. The ability to be powered with batteries provides television crews during field reporting a lot of flexibility in situations where an electrical connection for some reason is impossible.


Also, these lighting fixtures feature variable color temperatures with a range from 3200K to 5600K. ENG crews are thus enabled to shoot with different color temperatures, which can be easily adjusted using the wheel, without the need to apply the filter. The great power of these portable lighting fixtures enables the illumination of journalists, guests or any other actor in the frame with sufficient intensity even on a sunny day without background overexposure. You can read more about these fixtures here.

In addition to lighting fixtures, appropriate 160Wh batteries have also been supplied which enable power supply of all Lupo models with AC/DC function. They are recommended for all the models of the Superpanel series. Appropriate supports and chargers are also provided for the batteries.

Lupo bags also supplied to the client, enable their easy transfer to any location. They have enough space for storage, as well as the transfer of other light control accessories such as softboxes, diffusers, valves, etc.

Superpanels are easily portable, because they are extremely lightweight, due to the material they’re made of.

Considering all the mentioned features of the Superpanel, these portable lighting fixtures are an excellent choice for every ENG team.