The Sound System for The Cathedral Church of the Lord’s Resurrection in Valjevo

The Cathedral Church of the Lord’s Resurrection in Valjevo is the main Orthodox Church in the town and, at the same time, the central church of the Valjevo Eparchy within The Serbian Orthodox Church. The temple is located at the confluence of the river Gradac in Kolubara and dominates this part of the city with its monumentality.

  • Client: The Cathedral Church of the Lord’s Resurrection in Valjevo
  • Date of project: 2020

About the Church

The Cathedral Church of the Lord’s Resurrection was built in the Serbian-Byzantine style. Its construction began in the early 1990s and lasted for almost two decades, while the works on arranging and painting its interior have still not been finished. This magnificent temple is the second largest in our country, right after the Temple of Saint Sava, and is also considered one of the largest Orthodox sacral objects in the world.

Considering the size of the temple, the elder of the church sent us a request to design and install the appropriate sound system in order to achieve the intelligibility of the speaker during the worship service, and to enable the believers to follow it in an undisturbed manner.

Sacral buildings are always a challenge for designing such a system due to their challenging acoustics, especially when they are of grandiose dimensions (46x24x47 m).


The installed Sound System


After assessing all the relevant factors affecting the acoustics and a careful design, we have installed a sound system based on RCF, Audix and Xilica audio components.

The system is based on RCF VSA 2050 digitally steerable column speaker. Thanks to powerful DSPs the processed audio signal is sent to each speaker in order to control its vertical acoustic dispersion and thus addressing the audio signal exactly to the listening area. This way the sending of the acoustic energy to ceiling and empty floors can be avoided.

To bring sound to the altar and choir, we installed RCF MQ 80P 2-way wall-mounted loudspeaker system. It is an ideal solution to get clear voice in acoustically challenging environments. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, and the high-quality materials from which they are made make them resistant to UV rays. They are characterized by easy installation using brackets.

Miking the choir chant is enabled by a miniature, hanging microphone Audix ADX40 which, with its evenly controlled cardioid polar pattern, can isolate a certain part of the area from other vocals and provide a natural sound. Audix M1250BS has also been supplied as part of the system. It is a supercardioid condenser microphone which is fully immune to RF interfence caused by cell phones and GSM devices which is why they will not interfere with the course of worship.

Also, a wireless microphone set with two handheld microphones Audix AP62 OM5 is provided. The mics are characterized by high resistance to sound distortion and feedback, as well as Audix L5 lavalier microphones. These cardioid condenser microphones are designed to provide the highest quality of sound in the smallest possible package (capsule diameter is only 5 mm). They are manufactured according to high standards and feature precise frequency range from 40 Hz to 20 kHz.

In addition to the mentioned audio equipment, a special rack cabinet containing central control units of the entire system has been delivered: Xilica A1608 digital DSP audio processor, Xilica touch-screen controller, as well as a four-channel RCF DPS 604X amplifier.

As many people gather in the church, it is a significant fact that all loudspeaker and microphone installations, as well as the wiring of the rack cabinets have been done using Sommer Cable FRNC cables. The FRNC (Flame Retardant Non-Corrosive) mark indicates that the cables comply with the Fire Protection Act, since they prevent the spread of fire, reduce the density of smoke and do not emit harmful gases.

As the system is intended to be operated by a priest, and not a technical guy, simple and easy-to-operate management is provided. The whole system is fully automated and switching on & off of the complete system is done in the correct order using only one switch, which provides protection and allows longer life of the installed equipment.