Cinema RGB Laser Projector for the Yugoslav Cinematheque

The Yugoslav Cinematheque is the central institution for the protection of cultural goods, i.e., film material, founded in 1949. Its mission is to collect, arrange, process and preserve films, as well as accompanying film material, objects and other materials from the history of the Seventh Art.

  • Client: The Yugoslav Cinematheque
  • Date of project: 2020

In addition to gifts from individuals, redemptions, getting new copies from domestic producers and exchanging with other film archives, The Yugoslav Cinematheque fund grew rapidly only to become one of the five most important film archives in the world in less than two decades after its founding.  


Since this is an institution of special importance with great responsibility when it comes to the conservation of film material and the promotion of the seventh art in general, high-quality equipment is very important in its work.

Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, The Yugoslav Cinematheque was able to obtain the necessary funds for the purchase of a state-of-the-art digital projector and thus provide conditions for high-quality projections in the coming period.


About the installed projector


For this purpose, we supplied Christie CP2309-RGB, a digital cinema projector with a pure RGB laser light source, which features 8,500 DCI lumens of brightness, DLP technology, 2K resolution (2048x1080 pixels) and a 2000:1 of contrast ratio.

It has a built-in media server with a disk capacity of 8TB in a RAID5 configuration with a suitable motorized zoom lens obtained from the calculation of the lens and brightness for 2D, or the appropriate type of 3D projection, considering the appropriate parameters (projection distance, screen type and dimensions of the projected image), which confirms that it meets the DCI standard.

RGB laser light source enables realistic color reproduction (> 95% of real-life image) according to Rec. 2020.

Also, due to the existence of three laser sources (R, G and B), the lifespan of the projector is significantly longer than that of a conventional laser-phosphor cinema projector and is more than 50,000 hours of optimal performance, while retaining as much as 80% of the illumination. Using higher contrast, the projector provides an outstanding cinematic experience.


The projector also features a touch monitor with a built-in automation controller that allows easy playback, scheduling and management of cinema content, and also supports HFR 2K@120fps/4K@30 fps projections.

In addition to 3D connectors for synchronizing the broadcast of 3D content, it also has two connected HDMI connectors for transferring content from a computer, while the media server connects to the device's audio processor via two RJ-45 connectors.

It is important to point out that this compact projector does not require any external chillers.

The device is supplied with a suitable stand for the projector with wheels, which has the possibility of adjusting the height with safety feet for its reception, and which at the same time represents a 19 "rack cabinet for additional equipment: audio cinema processor, UPS, NAS and amplifier.


After the successful completion of the installation, our expert team performed image calibration, as well as training of the persons from the technical service.