Sound System for The Restaurant Kalem by Zak

Kalem by Zak is a restaurant based on casual dining concept. It is located in a modern and newly opened hotel Pupin in the very heart of Novi Sad. Its interior is inspired by the character and work of Mihajlo Pupin, and in addition to tasteful specialties, it offers a large selection of wines from around the world.

  • Client: The Restaurant Kalem by Zak
  • Date of project: 2020

For the guests of the restaurant to fully enjoy the atmosphere of a sophisticated menu and a modern interior, the appropriate sound system needed to be installed. So, the restaurant management contacted us requesting to design and install an adequate sound system in this new opened facility.


The sound system for the interior


The indoor sound system of the restaurant consists of RCF M 501 Media series, evenly distributed in the area.

M 501 is a multipurpose two-way full-range speaker system, suitable in a wide range of applications. Its compact, elegant and neutral design makes the M501 suitable for many environments, while the available mounting accessories allow it to be easily mounted on a wall or a ceiling.

RCF S 4012 bandpass passive subwoofers were also installed. They enable fast and controlled bass reproduction, as well as efficient acoustic response up to 45 Hz.

The power of the sound system is complemented by a suitable digital DSP audio processor, analog zone mixer, as well as an RCF DPS 604X 4-channel Class D amplifier. Apart from these audio devices, also Radial Engineering USB PRO DI box was delivered for the purpose of playing music from a computer, while the Radial Engineering TWIN-ISO two-channel Line Level insulator allows visiting musicians to connect more easily to the system.

The sound system for the restaurant garden

The spacious garden of the restaurant has also been equipped with the sound system. Two-way RCF MQ 80P-B wall-mounted sound speakers were installed in the appropriate space layout. These are the ideal solution to get a clean and clear voice, as well as music reproduction in mid-sized environments. The speakers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation as they have IP 55 protection. Installation of the MQ80P-B is quick and simple thanks to the unique bracket with several fixing points.

The garden sound system was accompanied by a suitable 4-channel Class D amplifier.

After the installation, our team put the system into operation and trained a responsible person to manage it.